A Mirror Looks At Us Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

A Mirror Looks At Us

Our images are really duplicated When we look at ourselves in a certain Mirror just to know What's going on with ourselves... A mirror looks at ourselves Just for curiosity anytime, Anywhere and everywhere... It is mutual to look at Ourselves in a mirror and A mirror looks at ourselves... We love to know our shapes, Good or bad, High or low, Rich or poor, Lovely or unlovely, and Laughing or crying... We look at ourselves just for Many purposes anytime... A mirror gives us something About our true or untrue personalities... It is a strange thing thing To discover new things About one's personality anytime... We can not distance ourselves from Any mirror simply because It shows our real world... We clearly hide ourselves Either in front of a mirror or Behind it... We need to know about faces and Even about many hidden things We have them in ourselves... The world of mirrors reflect ourselves clearly To that extent in which We discover our true truth fully... It is weird not to know One's true world in front of a certain mirror... Life itself is a big mirror that Reflects our images anytime, Anywhere, and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________

A Mirror Looks At Us
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle
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