The War's Inevitability And Peace's Inevitability Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

The War's Inevitability And Peace's Inevitability

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A war is a war, but peace is not a war, If a war is inevitable, then there must be A war ugly or good anytime or anywhere, If peace is inevitable, then there must be Peace because it means something lovely and good, A war versus peace because they're greatly opposites A war when there is a war anywhere it means no peace and When there is peace somewhere there is no war, A war is always a bad decision because its rules are Horrible, but peace is something else anywhere, Always a war is symbolized by ugly guns, but peace Is symbolized by a white dove which flies freely, I am never on the side of any war, but what do you Want to do if a decision is not your choice anytime? I am always on the side of peace because when peace Prevails, then everyone and everything will be lovely, A war and peace are always like two parallel lines The more they go longer they never meet anytime, A war is waged for a certain intention, but peace is Always sought as a good thing with good intentions, A war means destruction while peace means building, So whoever is launching a war is seeking something Out of it while peace is something lovely and known.

Mike Smith 22 February 2016

A war and peace are always like 2 parallel lines the more they grow longer they never meet anytime. Brilliant

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 January 2015

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Darlene Walsh 01 September 2014

Our opinions of war seem very much the same. It is terrible that there is always too much throughout the world. The rules of war are horrible, the first being that there is no truth in war.

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Kurt Wolfe 14 December 2013

This demonstrates what happens when people are not educated in history. How much peace was spread by Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917? How much peace was going out to the world through the Kaiser of Germany? How much peace was handed out by Pol Pot? How much peace would Italy have had from the invading Moslems if the Lancers had not stopped them? How much peace was being spread through Poland and Austria and Denmark by the Nazis or the South Pacific by Japan? What would the world look like if we followed your suggestion that peace cannot be attained through a just war?

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David Wood 28 August 2013

Politicians make us go to war because they are inadequate in dealing with situations. A good poem.

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