Rosa Lin

A Moment Of Your Time? - Poem by Rosa Lin

Did you ever think to yourself that you could be more?
That you were meant for greater things
That your path is being carefully drawn?
Did you ever think for an instant that you couldn't achieve
And just lost hope in God and didn't want to believe?
Did you ever think that no one cares enough
And everyday you start to feel more and more incapable?
You think you're never good enough
Never strong enough, never fast enough
Never smart enough or pretty enough?
Have you always been scared to try new things
And stay safely behind the line that you wouldn't dare cross
Have you always played it safe and follow instead of taking charge?
Instead of making your own path, following your own line and leading your own
You follow like a duckling would follow its mother
You follow like someone in a game of follow the leader
You're a follower. Nothing more.
I'd like to believe that I am more than that
And you should too.
Learn to think for yourself and take care of yourself
Learn to appreciate what you have and never take it for granted
Live and learn. learn that no matter how much trust you put in someone
There is always that small possibility that they will let you down
No matter who it may be. Your family, your friends, your co-workers,
your boyfriend or girlfriend, anyone and everyone.
Hell, sometimes you could even let yourself down; trust me.
There is never an 100 percent guarantee
Life is a gamble and you need to be willing to take the risk.
However, above all, you need to learn that some people
are worth the risk and some are just there to start drama
So be selfish and look after yourself because at the end of the day
YOU will always be there for yourself.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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