Rosa Lin

Butterfly - Poem by Rosa Lin

As I sit here pondering about nothing in particular
As I type away not knowing what my next line will be
I realize that the world around me is constantly moving
Revolving on a day to day basis, stopping for no one
As I sit here and do nothing, for I would call this nothing
Subconsciously, I'm actually doing something; waiting.
It seems I'm always waiting
Sitting and waiting, standing and waiting, lying and waiting
But then I realize that everyone is waiting for something
The people waiting for the light to change, in order to cross the road safely
The people sitting at the café, waiting for their fixes
The people standing in line, waiting to use the ATM
Everyone, one way or another is waiting.
Waiting for the rain to fall
Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for love to come
Waiting to hear from a potential employer
Waiting for the phone to ring
Waiting for a text to come
Waiting for school to end
Waiting for summer to begin
Waiting for a friend
Waiting for the mail to come
The point of the matter is
The world stops for no one so why should you?
The fact of the matter is, we can't control the weather
So the rain will come when it may and the sun shall shine soon after
Hopefully, in between there will be that rainbow you long to see
Love comes at the most unexpected of times
A watched phone never rings
And could similarly be the same with texts
School is coming to an end, so enjoy it because you will never get this year back
And as for summer, make the best of it because it'll pass in a flash
A friend will always be there no matter what, so don't panic if they're late
And if it's the weekend, I'm sorry to say the mail won't come
So stop waiting around and take day by day
Never settle because you deserve so much better
Stop being a prisoner and set yourself free

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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