Tondalaya Jefferson

A Motherless Child - Poem by Tondalaya Jefferson

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Looking back on the years and wishing I'd smiled.
You see I'm lost I'm confused I can't find myself
You were supposed to be the rock I could lean on for help
But now I'm in this world alone and in the dark
I'm not Indiana Jones and this aint raiders of the lost ark
Can somebody please tell me
What happened to the vacay's the Disney cruse's and the island getaways No dr. Susses no monsters in the closet don't look under the bed for the love cause you lost it
The teachers would ask questions but I didn't have the answers
Your like a plague that won't quit or an undeadly cancer
They'd ask what's your race and I'd say I don't know
Had no papers to prove it or a family to show
Now I'm all grown up and heading in the right direction
I'd say thanks for the help but I don't need your acceptance
I got that letter and I'm college bound
I'm no longer lost or need of being found
Now I'm headed for success I'm going places fast
Believe it or not I forgive you for the past
Took the bus and the train on a day to day basis seen millions of people and tons of different faces
You could be across the world or my next door neighbor the thought never crossed your mind maybe I should save her
This chapter is finished and that's the end of this story you gotta live with fact that this is my glory
I'm out of the storm but never out of the dark I guess they were wrong the bite is worse than the bark
But I'm moving on now and starting my own legacy
Whether you want to or not you will remember me mommy
Yeah I'm still out here but I'm not by myself cause see there were people out there who cared enough to help
So Hang in the yall and go the full mile
Cause I know sometimes you feel like a motherless child

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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