A Myth Poem by Lisa John

A Myth

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I hates a myth a spirit
They say
But they havent met me
Who lives with him everyday

For I hate sunshine
I hate light
I hate the darkness
That comes at night

I used to love them all
Until hate came knocking at my door
Hate came so I was done for
For he took my soul to store

You’d think why Id let him
Take my soul to keep
Eternal life I was promised
But my soul was to deep

He shouldnt have took my soul
Now my problems he must keep
But the problems I now face
Are much more deep

People say Im crazy
Living with such a creature
I must be though I must
Cos I will not let him go
This is not his home nature

I will not part with my soul
I will not part with it I can not
But this is the price I have to pay
When eternal life is asked for
But I have also learned that

Eternal life can not be bought
Neither can be sold
Like some people would just love to
Have life in their hand to hold

But when the time comes
For friends to say goodbye
I wish I could reverse time
Eternal life doesn’t exist
So now I realise

Philip Jose 20 June 2011

hats off to u , really nice

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Lisa John

Lisa John

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