Lisa John Poems

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What A Great Dad! ! ! ! Not

People love their dads
But why is it that i hate you
Do you even know my birthday
Do you even have a clue

Your Eyes

Its not enough that I love you
And its not enough that I care
And I can tell its not enough
By that distant stare you wear

Miss Havishams Letter

The sun rises in the morning,
And the sky bursts open with light.
I*ll just lie here mourning
As all hope is out of sight

Can I Go Home Now

I just want to go home,
I want to go there
Where I was loved and cherished
To an extent I couldnt bare.

I Miss The Old Me

Im Cold and Im broken
Im Shaking on the floor
Crying hysterically
I dont care I can’t take it anymore


The racing thought, and the
Changing moods
The pain, and the cutting
It's not my fault, I don't choose

Solved Mystery

It's no longer a mystery
As I know whats going on
Why I'd feel like the sun
Inside of me it shone

My Apology

I’m sorry I was born
I’m sorry I didn’t die
There and then when you gave birth to me
I’m sorry. You know why...

Dead Then Alive

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I've died and come back
Only to fail and crash into dust

Speak To Me

Tell me why
I can’t let go
Tell me why
I love so

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