A Nostalgic Cry! Poem by MBJ Pancras

A Nostalgic Cry!

Thou wert with me in days by gone, enchanted,
And we were together with the melodies of life,
Those moments of joy have no limits to be ineffable,
For each moment hath wedded to the string of love,
Colourful butterflies chanted lullaby, filled everywhere,
The sun had showered his rain of beams, and his warmth,
We lay in the couch of sunbeams and the moon beside us too,
Stars twinkled above our couch, offering blossoms of blessings.

Thou fed me and I too, and there was love and life in radiance,
Keatsian kisses imbibed in us wedded in Wordsworthian pastoral songs,
Thou smiled for me and I for thee, breaking the silence of seas,
Countless verses from above chimed, and they're still nostalgic reverberations,
Thou lay on my bosom and I on thine, and this affinity is immeasurable,
We tasted our saliva, and let ourselves roll in meadows of tenderness,
Thou fondled my cheeks and I was drowned in thy heart of warmth.

Fountains of delight bathed us, and lovely thoughts clothed us,
Silver falls broke the silence of ravines; still the reverberations have life,
I let me adorn the tresses of thy hair with fragrant blossoms,
And I let my heart stroll into the chamber of thy hair,
Our souls lay amidst the showers of idyllic notes of melody,
Thou wert festooned with a precious stone, bejeweled with gold,
I let my heart imbibe thy smiles and thou let thy heart drench in my smiles.

What hath made thee carry the clouds of hate betwixt us?
Is it thy unthinking mind that hath kicked my love of sincerity?
I've lost my sleep and I long for the answer of thy questionable hate,
I seek the answer from every creature passing my way,
Each of our nostalgic reminiscences caresses my heart of distress,
My eyes will ne'er close in respite until thou come unto me with the answer.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: nostalgia
Nostalgic Reverberations
MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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