A Notebook Of the 21st Century's Post-Contemporary Poetry [may (7) ,2014.] Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

A Notebook Of the 21st Century's Post-Contemporary Poetry [may (7) ,2014.]

(1) rethinking contexts on roots of poetry after contemporary poetry in 21st century's culture and the arts zone
(2) poetry of critical consideration upon aesthetic understanding in universality of human suffering process and the end of suffering in an abstract alphabet.
(3) a notebook of truth-aesthetics and truth-neuroaesthetic understanding in universal truths of the being and the post-being in anthropocenic breaths.
(4) apocalytic and postapocalytic poems, stories, fables, movies, novels, folk lores and humanity in wisdom of resilience are researched and explored.
(5) human courage of freedom, justice, equality and humanistic identities are explored in poetic imaginatuon.
(6) poetic license is crucial.
(7) poetry of actuality, poetry of sublimity, poetry of sci-fi reality, poetry for AI(artificial intelligence) , poetry of post-narratives, poetry of after-postmodernism, poetry of after-contemporary, poetry of after institutional avard-garde, poetry of after--post-conceptual poem, and poetry of now in are critical-aesthetic-neuroaesthetic-theorectical with simplicity-complexity-aesthetic hueristic understanding systems born out of locality and contextual reality.
(8) futuristic and postfuturistic assumptions are explored with universal human understanding potentiality.
(9) kitch and myth are reexplored, revisited and reanalysed with subjectivity-singularity-nature-culture wisdom of research poetry in the 21st century's multi-cultural landscape.
(10) actualization and anachronism are explored in a way of tectonic grammar of texts in locality.
(11) values of universal aesthetics is still vital through aeons.
(11) Gertrude Stein's writing, John Cage's concepts upon silence, performance writing, Wittgenstein's philosophical investigation are re-explored by rethinking contextual heuristics.
(12) critical theories, scientic innovation and wisdom from ancient literature and texts are revitalized.
(13) prelinguistic features of alphabets are imagined.
(14) question and answer section is prime time poetry of post-truth phenomenal.
(15) exploration on voyage of reaity is widely scoped with culturalanthropological-culturalpsychological-culturalgeographical truth conditions.
(16) the present tense, the future tense, the future perfect tense and momebts of beings are interoperative in the area of form, light and darkeness, texture, and hue of post-contempirary poetry.
(17) crossing border aesthetics is explored and observed.
(18) mindfulness is nature.
(19) the statement ''poetry is poetry in poems from all eras'' is researched and explored.
(20) the definition of the prefix''post'' has been researched area for experimentality of new poetry in all eras.
(21) good will for universal understanding is researched.

(22) neo-silence in rimelessness of the being and post-being is researched.
(23) mind is crucial in all eras of poetic innovation and experimentation in universal understanding of truth condition and human condition.
(24) poetry of universal aesthetucs is impissible possibility of infinity of poetics.
(25) biosemiotics, reality of actuality, actuality of reality and law of nature are realistically observed.
(26) optology of interpration in moving truth condition of textual-texturological layers.
(27) human alphabets into zoning reality of the textuality-texture-hue-of-reality in universal meaning
(28) complexities-simplicities-realities-naturality of nature-culture 's movable layers of signification process in semantic-semiotic-biosemiotic rafts in sailing for futuristic-postfuturistic wisdom for better human quality of mind.
(29) neuro-aesthetics born out of truth-and-post-truth condition of reality and post-reality are researched and observed and interoperated in the 21st century's postcontemporary (PoCo) poetry.
(30) cultural inter-operation-inter-alchemization in
the melting zone of the art-anti-art-new art happenning layers of truthbirths is obderved and focused in the 21st century's post-contemporary poetry.


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(2) Transnational dialogue in new eyesight: Nyein Way,
UBU Web. in 2012
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