A Pause Poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti

A Pause

Rating: 2.4

They made the chamber sweet with flowers and leaves,
And the bed sweet with flowers on which I lay;
While my soul, love-bound, loitered on its way.
I did not hear the birds about the eaves,
Nor hear the reapers talk among the sheaves:
Only my soul kept watch from day to day,
My thirsty soul kept watch for one away:--
Perhaps he loves, I thought, remembers, grieves.
At length there came the step upon the stair,
Upon the lock the old familiar hand:
Then first my spirit seemed to scent the air
Of Paradise; then first the tardy sand
Of time ran golden; and I felt my hair
Put on a glory,and my soul expand.

Julie Dapper 03 March 2011

For anyone who has loved in a deeply romantic way this poem resonates. A truly beautiful poem by an incredible lyric poet.

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Santana Marasco 21 April 2006

I like the title, I think it means that death is just a pause that comes between life and new life. A beautiful poem.

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Tyrese Sanders 26 November 2004

this poem is 5 stars out of 5 good details good language *****

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