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In a land far from here,
And deep in the past,
Lived a nymph who could talk

I contemplate my life,
Each struggle and each strife.

In death, are we not the same?

Green strips of paper
Float past outstretched fingertips
The wind laughs aloud


I have spent too long
In this cage forged by regret
Will I ever leave?

I wander through each crowded street
Bustling and busy is London city
In vain I attempt to count the feet
All beauty is lost in each person you meet.

You were given a choice,
You didn't need to come,
But now that you've arrived
There is nowhere you can run.

Our ever-lasting love
Finally has ended,
Our day has come and gone
And I am left alone.

Fly away birdie,
You know not what you see

The flowers outside the window,
Have withered into crippled buds
Coffee-stained, white roses,
Sullied, now impure

The sky above us
Holds us tight
Without its comfort
We succumb to fright

Oblongs are NOT real
They do not exist
They are only in your mind
And on pieces of paper

Invisible hands
Have sculpted this land,
Mountains and trees
And all that you see

A friend once told me
That life is a downhill slope
She also told me that this was okay
Because she had a mountain bike


Designed to hug your teeth...
Advances in orthodontic technology
Leading us ever closer


If every movement
Every action
Teaches you something
What am I learning right now?


It's been
so long


When I was so much less alive
Than I am now

How did it feel to hold me?

If only you could learn
The lessons in my mind,
Without ever having to feel
The pain that burns within me,

My eyes widen
And so does my mind,
When I think
Of what I might find

Another night,
Out on the prowl
I put on all black
And my scariest scowl

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The Ballad Of Echo And Narcissus

In a land far from here,
And deep in the past,
Lived a nymph who could talk
Without thought, long and fast.

This nymph's name was Echo,
And a beauty was she,
But her incessant chatter
Was like a disease.

The nymph forced Queen Juno
To cast on her a spell
And rid the poor, young Echo
Of her awful voice from hell.

Now all that she can say
Is that which others have said
And never now, again
The thoughts within her head.

With the passing of time
Echo rested in silence,
And from her forest abode,
Watched peace and watched violence.

When suddenly, one day
Came a handsome young man
By the name of Narcissus,
To hunt, with his clan.

When the lonely Echo saw him,
She did not stand a chance,
For her heart was surely his,
From the very first glance.

But Narcissus did not see her,
Nor was he aware,
Of the love she felt inside her
And had hoped that he might share.

Echo could not tell him,
No matter how she tried,
Her love thought her a nuisance,
Even more so, when she cried.

He could not understand why
This woman would repeat his words,
When all that he had come to do,
Was hopefully kill some birds.

But Echo understood,
As her love aimed for the skies,
And when out of the heavens fell his bird,
She too fell down and died.

The nymph slowly faded,
But left her heart and soul,
To stay and live on Earth
And answer every call.

Narcissus did not miss her,
But he did now feel a thirst.
Little did he know,
That this was to be his curse.

The vain and foolish hunter,
Caught sight of a small pond
And as he knelt to drink some water,
Saw a face, young, pretty and blond.

Never before had he seen,
A face like the one he saw now,
So he gave his heart, in exactly the way
That poor Echo didn't know he knew how.

What Narcissus didn't see
Was that he couldn't be loved by this face,
Because it was his reflection,
And could not escape the surface.

Narcissus didn't realise
That, in truth, he loved himself.
It was this self-absorbtion,
That would soon cost him his health.

For each time he would reach down,
His love would disappear,
Narcissus could not touch the face,
And instead would feel a tear.

Never did he leave,
He stayed there night and day
Ever trying to touch his love,
And slowly turning grey.

In time, he too faded,
Just as Echo had before,
But still his soul lies by the water,
As a flower, forever more.

(May Day 2006)

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