A Piece Of Sky Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

A Piece Of Sky

Rating: 5.0

No one can own a color; no one can own a cloud.
No one on Earth could ever, I'm glad it's not allowed!
No person owns a person, though some may think they do.
No person owns the ocean; I know this to be true!
I cannot own a sparrow, I cannot own a tree.
Even in my own backyard they don't belong to me!
No one can own the starlight; no one can own the sun.
No person owns a river, it simply can't be done!
No one can own a desert, the planets or their moons.
We’re all just One Race: Human, same words with many tunes!
No one may claim ownership to TEAR or SMILE or SIGH!
Or take away your DREAMS so...

Stephen Severn 20 December 2006

Another dynamic piece...

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Malcolm Burns 20 December 2006

universal truth here well written

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Belinda Gomez 20 December 2006

exceptional work toddie...

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Rhett Watson 20 December 2006

says it all... simple but not plain or trite

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Marla Preston 21 December 2006

is like a happy dream, my own world-view, cynics would say naive, I say hopeful

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Bill Gifford 12 January 2007

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Penelope Delgado 12 January 2007

I live in Argentina, and wish to tell you how much I feel this poem to be beautiful and true. Please keep on with the writings!

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Liz Hawthorne 09 January 2007

Glad I ran across this positive poem, it made my day! G'day Mate!

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Duane Elgin 31 December 2006

Nice poem, man! Good write!

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Bailey Ayres 30 December 2006

One of the best i have read at this site!

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