My Poopasaurus Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

My Poopasaurus

Rating: 4.9

Have you seen my Poopasaurus?
Oh she poops in great big piles.
She’s a prehistoric creature,
And her poop goes on for miles!

Can you help me to locate her?
Though your nose won’t like it much,
If you see her please remember,
You can look but do not touch!

Do not touch my Poopasaurus,
Or she may just poop on you.
She escaped me just this morning,
When I took her out to poo.

Have you seen my Poopasaurus?
She’s the only pet I’ve got.
She’s cute and kind, but keep in mind…

She poops an awful lot!

Shannon Hutchins 21 December 2006

You need a super-dooper-pooper-scooper----> ; 0-) ~

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Marla Preston 21 December 2006

yes, i saw her, and she better quit crapping in my yard, cool poem

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Rhett Watson 20 December 2006

hey i don't even have kids and i think it is funny, toilet humor, still effective after all these years...

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Belinda Gomez 20 December 2006

this is best if you run and get your kids and read it to them, watch and listen for their reaction and then you'll understand why kids go crazy for his stuff

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Malcolm Burns 20 December 2006

funny as all get out, the kiddos made me read it 6 times in a row

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Spazmo 15 January 2018

Well that was a load of crap ;)

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Evan Hughes 12 January 2007

My students just love reciting this one!

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Beth Nickell 12 January 2007

Can you get her potty trained: -) ? Oh POOP!

4 2 Reply
Jesse Martinez 31 December 2006

Terrific children's poem! ! !

3 2 Reply
Bailey Ayres 30 December 2006

I Love it too, almost as much as my sister Ryleigh does!

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