A Plethora Of Myopia And Hysteria Poem by John Sensele

A Plethora Of Myopia And Hysteria

The truth like stark reality remains immutable
Despite attempts to promote sophisms
Dressed up as verity and verisimilitude at a high table
Where misguided minds dabble at euphenisms and cynicisms

To disembowel and undermine global discourse
Indulging in fallacies
To subvert its course and purpose
Concealed in feeble diplomacies and convoluted obstinacies

Whose flak erupts in fits of anger
In inopportune circumstances
Where the longer
Ego tripping attempts to project wrath instances

Couched in veins of business as usual
At the wrong time, in a wrong forum
Strikes an overly assertive tone so unusual
The world is left to wonder why beating a war drum

Can't drive a spat
Among allies
Who fail to pat
Diplomacy rallies

On the back
Considering the bigger picture as a loftier objective
Than a protectionist posture to pack and unpack
Rising temperatures and mounting tensions in spite of subjective

Positions concealed in the thin veil of national security
Stratagems advanced in intransigent camps
Determined to undermine global authority and purity
To feed bumps, mumps, jumps, stumps

In garrulous annals of history
Rewritten by myopia
To recount a one-leader story
Fed on a plethora of hysteria over Syria.

Sunday, June 10, 2018
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John Sensele

John Sensele

Ndola, Zambia
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