A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme Poem by Sylvia Chidi

A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme

Rating: 4.2

If a poem could cost a dime
I will spend my ink and spend my time
Making the perfect rhyme

More than a million people may read it
Even if I have to sell it on credit
I will be the businesswoman with wit
Sit down! Think about it!

A penny for the perfect sentence
A penny for a poem glaring with essence
A penny for writing about the present and past tense
A penny for describing a situation that is intense
A penny if I write truthfully without pretence
As I turn away from crime
Making the perfect rhyme

If a poem could cost a pound
I will turn my life around
As I compose the perfect poetic sound
That rhymes against any background

My words will be sublime
Not just the perfect rhyme
They will be read both at teatime and during bedtime
My sentences will mature in their prime with time
As I turn away from crime
Making the perfect rhyme

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Sidi Mahtrow 16 June 2006

A penny for your thoughts they said, Then ignored what it was that they read (well it could have rhymed) If I had just thought to take the time. So it is with words that fit, Mostly have to stretch the syntax a bit. To make the meaning clear To one who has penciled in good cheer. Poems warm the mind and heart. How's that for a good start? Then when you make the perfect crime, Wont be because of your funny rhyme. Will be because you have something to say To entertain, pique, or some other way, Engage the reader in your thoughts, That are a penny, pound, or at no cost.

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Indira Renganathan 21 December 2008

Sublime words and perfect rhyme indeed..but should have also been mentioned..'my rhyming words will be remembered for long'..great10

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Jessica guevara 03 June 2018

I am learn how to write poems but I want to learn more .....

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Emmanuel Peter 12 April 2018

Nice One Dear Ur Poem Rly Touch My Heart

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Amani Al-qaq 14 January 2009

WOW i really liked this piece! i write in rhymes myself they come to me easily but this is SOMETHING i mean keep up the good work!

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Rashidah Rahman 05 January 2009

Wow.i really love this piece of yours.you write beautifully.It made my poetry seemed plain and boring..haha

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*Trusting You* 23 December 2008

ya it rhymes... it makes me jelous...lol I cant rhyme. lol. the Saint always picks on me about it. but i cant feel lucky. Crystal

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