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A pleasure we do out of love for the other person
We our sharing the sexual experiment with
When the innocent become the intimate

You come in, sit on my bed,
Telling me you’re sorry,
Over and over again,
For another night that you dread.

Still fumbling for words
Though the tears of the hurt and the pain of
My heart tearing into pieces

“You’re doing it wrong! ”
“You can’t do anything right! ”
Echo’s through your ears once more.
Coming with is tears that try to exit your eyes.

You just don't relies how greatly I do care
Or maybe you do
I want to tell you things I shouldn't feel or that's what they say
I can bight my tongue

The sun is finally shining, warming my skin,
The horses are poking their heads out of the barn,
The snow has lifted, revealing green grass,
The ground still frozen, ice still on the pond,

Waking up in the morning,
Getting ready for the day,
You wish you were me.
Listening to his soft voice,

From every walk of life
One a child just wanting to play games
And making funny faces to make everyone laugh
One a young adult maybe of 20

Friendship is love
Love is friendship
Have one when you don’t have the other

Crackle, pop, the wood that fuels the fire snaps
It falls to the bottom of the pit
Where I can again hear the coals sizzle
With my desire

You'll always be in my heart
From now to eternity
My thoughts will be on you
Ever since I left I felt empty

Thank you sweety for all the times you have said I love you baby
Thank you sweety for all the times you have made me smile
Thank you sweety for all the times you have said I am pretty or beautiful
Thank you sweety for all the times you have said I am a great woman

No one asked if you cared
So you can care or not care all you want
Cuase I’m enjoying being his pretty sweet thing

I wish I was a donut,
And got eaten everyday.
I could stick on someone’s fingers,
Squishy testy like cookie dough,

People can study the suffering of a meth addict or,
The teen that is hooked on crack,
We can know of what is going through the rape victims mind,
What it feels like to live inside your friendless drunken bottle,

My words desert me
So anything can hurt me without you
Just the little things get to me
You’re here to help me up the mountain

I know I shouldn't
Be in love with you but I am
I know I shouldn't take you back
But I would in a heart beat

I don’t wanna be another number!
Some disabled teen,
Who made the choice trying in school,
Just wasn’t her thing.


I watched him grow from a baby to a boy
from a boy to a man
but as he lay there as if he was a sleep
so peacefully

have you ever seen a rose bush
grow over a period of time
well it gets bigger and
a lot more complected,

Mrs. Cynosure Biography

my real name is Becca(Rebecca) I was born and raised in the good old contry living of OR. I have a man and he is the most amazing guy. on here I just need someone to have a good time with, to be my fiend and to comment on my poetry, if you comment on mine I promise I will comment on yours and then some.I love to laugh, being outside, and just having fun.I love to lift waits! I hold the Girls Squat record(365lb) .I have 2 sisters and a brother. I love to write about things that mean something to me. When I finish school I wanna be a Educatiional Assistant in a Autisum Classroom.)

The Best Poem Of Mrs. Cynosure

Sex Without Love

A pleasure we do out of love for the other person
We our sharing the sexual experiment with
When the innocent become the intimate

It’s when that passion of love turns into a hobby
Then into an obsession and then that turns into a have to have
You can’t stop thinking about your next fix
You look for it everywhere in everyone
You start having withdraws from it
You wonder how you got this way
So dependent on it to get you through the day
You think it’s the only thing that your good at
The guys keep coming and going like fire
At times when it hurts so bad you cant do anything
You tell yourself no more not another time
But as soon as soon as your better
Your right back at it
You ask yourself
Why you do this every time
You just don’t understand
It’s as if your being sexualy
Taken advantage by your own body

You wanna tear your hair our if your not doing it
The people just keep getting older while your still the same age
Started 2-3 years now it doesn’t really matter how old as long as you get the fix
You have to do it
It is your drug
Your Acid

People have been telling you for months that you need help
The people that know you the real you
This isn’t the real you and you know it
You can feel it
The lying
The addiction
The lack of pride you have for your body and self
It’s not you
It’s like he said right before he left
How does it feel to be trash now that you are trash,
And now you are truly trash.
You are not trash this is not you

You know how this started a young women lost within her broken hearted emotions
You just know you don’t know how to stop it
You now need help
Lots of help
Cause sitting here
Your itching to do it again
And pleading someone help
HELP! ! ! PLEASE! ! ! HELP! ! !
You don’t wanna be like this forever

Mrs. Cynosure Comments

Patricia Rioux 19 September 2009

This is garbage and does not come even close to the top 500. Get your garbage off of here.

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Salimah Davis 06 May 2009

You are an amazing poet so keep up the good work

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Peter Webb 27 November 2008

I have found more that a few emotions reading your work. I believe that when you can stir up feelings like that, your work is successful. Keep writing!

2 0 Reply
Saint Cynosure 08 November 2008

After reading more than a few of your postings, I have found such a large element of truths in your words. You are one of favorites on this sight, and will become that to many others I am sure...Wishing you the best, Saint.

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