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A Recipe(Uneven Couplet) -
The uneven couplet is paired lines of different length
rhymed or unrhymed, metered or unmetered.

Wake up o'Lord, it's winter's vernal shine
Dawning to be consecrated with mercy Thine
Whilst yet a darkling sky's in full moon shine
In tardy treads it's pinking too fine

In that top corner of the house
A cobweb swaying in breeze
What made the breeze become the wind
A foul blew butting blind

She's treading on still..

As has been so far

Life seems old
And falling

Which hand's there

The moment I think of you I hear
A replicated voice of yours
Perhaps a distant nightingale..
Perhaps it's you that nightingale

Vegetables on the chopping board
Inaugurate a television recital..
I chop chop
Recital going on

Wind bursts, orange fire curtains
Sweeping the land fueled blazes
There, in Arctic and Antartic a disintegrity
Cuts of ice, the size of a small country

Vagabond the husband..
Job to job, place to place
Loitering in unsteady wandering
His own wishful ideology

Butterflies in her
She's not able to

Stroke of a heartless son
Desirably remained an unschooled rascal
Plunging ischemic into a father's mind
Sweep-swindling all the travail of asset

Wonder this brain human
Lasting ever to only reasoning
And never malleable to feelings..

21 The Story of River Vaigai

Demon friend Gundodhara at Shiva-Meenakshi's divine wedding
Devoured excess feast emptying Madurai's all waters.Feeling

41 Fog

Aerosol of tiny water droplets or ice crystals near the Earth's surface is fog
Different types are radiation fog, advection fog, valley fog and freezing fog

It is all
Only a poet's possibility
To hug a star, kiss the moon
And even burn the sun etcetera

36 Failed Imageries

As rainbow wants to steal the colours
From the lotuses in the lake where


How can I be your mind
Dispatching mine sudden behind

Countable populace in total silence
No hustle-bustle and no interference
Still they opted to be a seclusive recluse


Every heart's crying
Secretly in its cave

Happiness has failed

Once upon a time a place fell into ruins
The mice of that place infested at once

They began playing upon the dwellings happily

Indira Renganathan Biography

I am a homemaker with a Master's degree in Indian Carnatic Music. Poetry to me is music and a healing therapy to body, mind and soul. I am very passionate about poetry and am very much happy that my little knowledge in music is helping me now in writing poems.)

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Alankar(Decor) -87

A Recipe(Uneven Couplet) -
The uneven couplet is paired lines of different length
rhymed or unrhymed, metered or unmetered.

A Recipe

That you would relish I'm sure
This recipe try it with pleasure

Clean the insight in time sufficient
Wash off anger, enmity and hate

Put the mind on the burning heart
Put in the thoughts all to melt

Ladle in between a large of intellect
Stir in hope a heapful amount

Let all blend with a bliss intent
Until valour and courage result

Throw meantime in the flaming heart
Burnt to ashes filth and lust

Fervid heart now isn't violent
Mind is calm and tranquil incessant

Mix in now gently prayers and spirit
Still more gently the gods to let meditate

Season with peace and harmony pleasant
Garnish with joy and cheer concordant

Serve in the bowl of soul consonant
Enjoy with love consistent

Try and taste this recipe carefully
Tell me 'delicious, delicious' finally

Indira Renganathan Comments

Sin Kinnee 26 January 2010

i like your poems they are intresting and they make me want to right poems more like you

10 1 Reply
Kannan G 27 February 2010

I am a newcomer to this site. I just had a glance through your poems and was highly impressed. In course of time I will take time to read and comment on them. Meanwhile I would like you to know that I have pasted here a collection of my poems on the well known social worker late Baba Amte. I think you would be interested in knowing more about him. I would like you to kindly go through some of them at your convenience, give your valuable comments and help me spread his universal message.

5 2 Reply
Lovita Morang 22 July 2009

dear poet indira di i am inspired by your poetry titled along the running train- it's like the running trains of our life yet to reach many a platforms-yet to discover many an untravelled life... with love

4 1 Reply
Rema Prasanna 01 August 2008

Indira Di, readers may find her invisible in this ocean of poems but read her she is a poet with great potential, she has a divine touch in her compositions and it is a pleasure to read her. I enjoy reading her.. Rema

4 0 Reply
Akhtar Jawad 20 November 2017

Indira Ranganathan is a great thinker, her poems are amazing.

3 0 Reply
Mania Kumari 15 June 2023

You are best poetess

0 0 Reply
Varsha M 23 December 2020

An inspiration a guide and a leading light is her every word decirates on these white pages and paint emotions that brightens life. She tries a lot new poetry types, touches various aspects of life. Thank-you maam for sharing them all.

1 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 26 October 2020

This is the time to greet great poetess Indira Renganathan who is ranked #429 on top 500 poets of the world on date 26 October 2020. She has also got the world rank # 423 on top 500 poets of the world on date 15 September 2020. We offer prayer before God for her goodness and fortune.

2 0 Reply
M Asim Nehal 15 September 2020

At the outset, accept my hearty congratulations on being placed at 423 among the top 500 poets/ poetess of the world at PH.

1 0 Reply
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 08 August 2020

Indira Renganathan's poems radiate the goodness of a pure soul. She is an unique Poetess of Poem Hunter, friendly, calm and peaceful. With lots of love to you, dear Ma'm.

1 0 Reply

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Only a few friends can be true and confidential and close to one's heart. But trending today is a chain of 100 and more friends....Friendship...?

Good and bad are two horses of life. Reins are in our hands

Life is like travelling through a dark tunnel focusing on a distant lantern

Health and wealth are not immortal like heavenly nectar. They are the back bone and supporters of life till life's end

All good and useful quotes we do not oblige to follow in our youth But in repentance all good and useful quotes join us in death

Love not only smiles or laughs or grows ecstatic but also cries when a parent or a child or a spouse or even a pet or plant is lost. Love can be smitten with sorrow too

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Indira Renganathan Popularity

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