Ankit Mittal

A Pouring Broken Heart....

As i write this piece, i can hear my own breath;
Heartbeats pacing, butterflies in my belly and the taste of sour death...
It is all the memories that has brought me to this maze;
As i close my eyes i go back to those days...
I had never been in love, but then you came around;
You and your bad jokes, made my world go round..
The sound of the phone ringing was my new best friend;
Only had i known, i was building castles with sand...
Like the fall of the guillotine, i had fallen for you;
and, Ah my love, it was nothing but true...
Was a pity you lived miles away from me;
Was you, i always desired to see...
Spending time with you, i imagined how it would be;
My thoughts found different homes, like a bird set free...
Then came the day i first saw you;
The cute smile, the curls of your hair, the chin, and these are just few...
I couldn't stop myself from expressing how i felt;
As i had expected, yes, u did melt...
I wanted to scream out to the world that, yes u were mine;
I remember your words, 'we will take it one day at a time'
My love for you multiplied with each passing day;
All i wanted was you, come what may...
The months that followed were the best my eyes had ever seen;
I still remember every moment, every word you said, and where my heart had been...
You, your uniqueness, your peccadilloes and all of your idiosyncrasies;
I can write a whole book, on all such memories...
But then came the storm i wish had never come;
Differences, quarrels, negativity, silence, distance and tears;
unfolding in front of my eyes were all of my fears...
The sun of my geart, my love, my queen, what had i done wrong;
Like the striking of the thunder, in a flash you were gone...
you say 'there's no looking back into what was yesterday';
i say, 'I will trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday'...
It is said 'you only love once', and i couldn't agree more;
As this paper gets wet with my tears, i can't pen down anymore...

Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Comments about A Pouring Broken Heart.... by Ankit Mittal

  • Hans VrHans Vr (8/31/2012 1:26:00 AM)

    This is very beautifully written, Ankit.
    A broken heart, so unique and yet so common.
    Deep feelings of infatuation, enchantment
    Again so unique and yest so common.

    You are in my prayers,
    But when I pray for someone,
    Our God lets me know
    that it is done

    I pray for love
    We are all swimming in it
    We just have to open our hearts
    open our minds

    I pray for peace,
    We are swimming in it
    We just have to open our hearts
    to open our souls

    I pray for wisdom,
    We are swimming in it
    We just have to open
    To open our minds

    I pray for spirit
    We are swimming in it
    Let our self drown in the huge love
    the huge wisdom and spirit
    that is around us all time

    Sorry, my friend,
    your poem evoked so much of emotion
    I got a bit carried away in a flight of thoughts

    An excellent poem.

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