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My name is Hans Van Rostenberghe (reflectionsbyhans.blogspot)
I am living in Malaysia and love to read a bit of life's philosophy. I consider myself a family man and nature lover. Just trying to express here some of the thoughts in a melodious way.
I chose the author name of Aufie Zophy. How I came to this author name is a long story, dating from about 50 years back.
My blog is found by googling soul sprinkles

The Best Poem Of Aufie Zophy

Little Purple Flower

I am a little purple flower
My petals so extremely small
I 've stood in the grass for many an hour
Enjoying a breeze most of all

But, oh, what happened to my peers!
Just yesterday, it moved me to tears
While the children of John were playing their game
My peers were trampled to death, what a shame

When just before that, some bigger flowers were damaged
The children were scolded badly by John
But when my brothers were ravaged
It was noticed, sadly, by none

Today, however, I had a reason to smile
A nerd, or so he must be
Looked at this little purplish flower, a while
And took a picture of me

Even if tomorrow, to the worst of my fears
I have to die, as yesterday my peers
I will do so happily
since someone has seen the beauty in me.

Aufie Zophy,
8 May,2010, Bachok

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wish you all sea of flowers

Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower

Aufie Zophy Comments

Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

Every life is like a channel of a river, we met at some point and we flow to the same destination, and at some part of my life given i met a nice and honest friend like you, Hans. I always see you as a person who have high spirit to talk about life, love and people...In your poems you love to add some humanity and kindness, to inculcate the positiveness, much effort on add all flavor in your work originally. Above all i would like to thank to u to give me support and a nice company always, you tried to convince me when i need some words, even though i am stubborn but your words relief some pain, soothe me a smile my friend, as pure as you wrote in poetry your heart really nice as we all can see, wish you all the best in writing and life, keep sharing your love to everyone with your talent, and because of it God loves us_Unwritten Soul

22 12 Reply
Spiritual Seeker 07 March 2013

A poet with a gentle temperament his words heavier than gold a sparkling light that guides that travel further than the cosmos knowledge weighted with wisdom it's source devine may his pen keep writing inked from the sufi heart of..Aufie Zophy!

27 6 Reply
Laura Hope 18 April 2013

I love the metaphors. The realizations. The deep thinking. The light thinking. The bouncy feel to some. The dredging feel to others. Great work. I like it! :)

26 6 Reply
Lenore Lee 22 November 2011

A kind and wise person who is undoubtedly a true poet; who writes the words not from the mind but from the heart. Beauty and inspiration is in all the poetry that comes from this artist's loving hand.

24 2 Reply
Lawrence H 11 January 2012

A wise person who know how to compose poem beautifully and creatively.Keep it up. Kudos to you. Thank you for reading my poems.

21 5 Reply
Kingsley Egbukole 11 February 2020

A great Poet with inexhaustible natural ink who writes from the heart.

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Aniruddha Pathak 13 August 2019

Of four hundred odd poems AZ has written, I have read many and found most of them, if I say are eminently readable, it is not enough, many of them I enjoyed thoroughly. I wish him well.

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2018

again, PH is not making it possible/easy to send 'Aufie' a message. but here i can say....for all to read: i highly recommend this poet, from what i've read so far. to my favorite poet list and to my Friends list he goes! ! ....once i find where to tell PH to add him to my Friends! ! : ( PH is free, free, FREE! ! ! I MUST always remind myself that this is a free, though, more recently, an aggravating site in places. ha ha. FREE! BRI :)

4 0 Reply
Bri Edwards 17 October 2018

i would have sent this as a message to Aufie, but PH is not making it easy/possible recently for me to find Send a Message to click on. i read A.Z.'s bio on PH and am glad he used melodious, not malodorous. bri :)

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 24 September 2017

You are an elegant fusion of poetic skills, pure passion for nature, art of choosing an words and above all a heart that can accommodate the whole mankind. Thanks poet for being contemporary to us.

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Aufie Zophy Quotes

fighting for religion is like bulldozing your garden because someone stole a flower

A man sitting in the seat in front of me was reading the paper absorbing all negativity missing the absolute beauty of reality

Imagine a man, born with a heart full of kindness but it is hidden under a mountain of greed He has something within of more worth than all gold on earth, but he is not rich

Every human has within love for truth love for the good love for beauty

Soon there will be a huge wisdom revolution Soon there will be a huge kindness revolution This is now more than a dream of me It has become a knowing

very special are moments outside when the dark of the night gives way to the day's light

If we keep one eye on the hereafter we have only one eye for the task at hand here and now If keep both eyes on the hereafter we're walking in complete darkness in the here and now

Mom, can you help me? Sure can!

Start believing in world peace today a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step Getting peace for 8 billion starts with one believer!

J'aime, donc je suis. I love, thus I exist

When I was young it were my ideals that gave me greatest joy and they still do

When I have a hard time, my ideals keep me going.

Praying to be loved by God is like praying to be wet while taking a shower. We just need to become aware...

When all else will be gone, kindness will remain

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Aufie Zophy Popularity

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