Tennyson (Tink) Jenkins

(Wildomar, California, USA)

A Present Universal Miracle In This Triunity Of Ours Called Time

Poem by Tennyson (Tink) Jenkins

Is the Alpha and the Omega inherent in God's Triune, Creative Mind
Omnipotent always..Omniscient always..And omnipresent, ever
God simply Wills with incomprehensible power; merges Reality with Heaven
As the True cause of all that matters in our Forever.

God created an Exactness of Himself; challenged humankind to understand
How a Man of God, though of virgin birth, could also be the Son of man
But so God was and, as Jesus Christ, His miracles were So Right
That He could say; some say He did, 'I Am the Way! I Am the Truth! I am the Life!
No one can come unto the Father but through me, the Son.'

If Faith, the Substance of Things Hoped For, the Evidence of Things Not Seen; and
Hope, springing forth Eternally, seeking fulfillment in Faith's Same Things,
Cross paths, wonder of wonders, with each enveloped in Love--God's Breath,
God will, as Love's true measure, Trigger, the Spirit Manifest
God's Eternal Stream of Consciousness baptizes them.

One message in the Bible clearly identifies Triunity as the Unifying force that
positions humankind to Eternity
It lets the Physical Universe unveiled through humankind's use of mind
Portray the Energy of God as the reality of--All space; All matter; All time;
With Energy's potential motion--Space; it's actual motion--Matter; and
it's successiveness as Time, always, interacting
In the direct image of Triunity: The Cause, the Three-In-One.

This cause of Triunity--God: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent
Wills Space or the outspreading or Primal Power, into dimensions of Forever
This potential motion of energy--Space; generates actual motion of energy--Matter
which, when combined, produces Time; the successiveness resulting as the latter;
Traverses Space, to return to the Eternal Mind of the Creator.

The physical Universe mingles from-and-to God's mind, just, like the Three-In-One
With Space, the source, like the Father; Motion, its embodiment, like the Son
With Time, from Space through Motion, as Spirit is from Father through the Son
The Spirit returns the Godhead to God, and Time returns Reality to the Mind of the
Creative One; Likewise, Triunity fashions Universals from the Cosmos' Three-In-One.

This poem, Could it be the greatest ever written? says perfectly: Perfection is a fact.
It is of God! It is His very Own! He can Only loan some back
To those crying: 'God is Perfection!' It was foretold, absolutely, by His Son
Who took mankind's sins to the grave with Him through God's Love; thus the
Three-In-One: Defined Heaven, via Reality, through God's Own Self-His Son.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 2, 2003

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