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A Price Preference Between A Salesman And A Purchaser

A salesman offers a certain price, but A purchaser has a certain price in his or her mind, A long price preference arises between both Simply because a salesman has a certain feeling and The purchaser has another feeling, A long talk heats up about a certain price, A salesman is impatient because he feels that He will lose a lot of money if he makes more and more discounts, but A purchaser insists on paying less, It's like take and give, but The two parties insist on a fixed thing, A transaction is not going to be done unless One of the two parties gives up, Things heat up and up, It's the price preference law that imposes itself On the two parties, but Nothing happens, A price preference is controlling everyone and everything, but There must be a pretty end to any transaction, Either the salesman rejects the transaction or the Purchaser accepts a pretty end, Again things heat up, Each side never gives up, An intercessor comes to break the situation, then A price preference wins at the end.

Friday, June 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life