A Priest Poem by Thabani Khumalo

A Priest

In life I am a priest.
Tell me that one thing you value most -
at the condensing deep corner of your heart,
That cold dark corner that's never had light;
Where there is a peering teary eye -
one that sees the loom of the gloom -
the gloom of death and its power plodding everything to obliteration.
It has the view of the dark Angel of doom,
One that is sincere to you when you ask
And answers you in clear vision and in sonic.
It protects the heart from reaching erratic chaos
and it brings the mind into a stable calm.

If you have that and are clear about it indeed,
and know that it is despite the common fright,
then tell it to me and I will bless you child.
I will bless you for what is truly yours;
your beingness of native contrives.
If you choose nothing of fame
but a thing of your humble confidence,
I will bless you from the ground
and it presides even over the proceeds of monetary gain.
Just as long as it is yours -

But if it is about the feeble illusion
of the ever so touted fame and fortune,
and is not about the power of your love,
it will take away your peace of mind
and test you with the fire of hell forevermore.
So choose yours wisely!
You'll realize that it is your God;
your creator and your healer.
In life... I am a Priest.

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: work
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