A Psalm Poem by Tracee Olga

A Psalm

My darker days are gone
To the lord i will sing a new son
For i was weak but now am strong
Let my voice ring high and wide
I called on to him and he drew nigh
Let the stomping of my feet in dance and trance
Be heard for long hours on end
For the lords eyes are on all
So it shall be well with the righteous

I was curved from despair
Driven high and dry by this world
Blushing with the crimson of my sins
Broken by my crushing unbelief
Lost in a myriad of uncertainty
Groping in black hopeless darkness
Walking with a meaningless gait

Worn out with ever flowing tears
Now as the mist clears
As i say adios to my fears
Gazing upon sun rays
Across the sky a light appears
contemplating on his ears that always hears
Every teary whisper through out the years

Relentless love of God, who can contend?
His faithfulness through out the ages
Who can fathom?
His mercy, who can contain?
I thought i had words for him
But then who can describe i am?

Bless the lord all ye nations
The maker of all creation
Let his praise ring through all generations
Let the sky light up in celebrations
For he who graces us with redemption
Let his beauty be our valued foundation
I trusted God and i found jubilation
Away with all tribulation!

Friday, March 13, 2015
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Tracee Olga

Tracee Olga

Nairobi, Kenya
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