Ninety Seconds Poem by Tracee Olga

Ninety Seconds

Rating: 4.5

The crowd is cheering, anticipitating, waiting
My heart, palpitating, the sun scintillating
Eyes teary hindering my vision
To many voices, too much reasoning
Too much noise I can’t think
Everyone is watching, but I got to focus
Fix my eyes on the price
Shining golden everlasting crown
The final whistle, eyes closed
Focused on the price, forget them all, forgo it all
And suddenly the questions
Did I run my race well, do I deserve rest
Why don’t I hear cheering anymore?
Where did everybody go?
What is that bright light at the finish line?
Who’s that guy hands outstretch cheering me on
Why can I see only him, why does he look so familiar?
Ugh! And what is that pulling at my feet
Oh! No! Why am I losing my breath?
Oh boy! Am falling, falling, falling!
Then black out!

Wait, what is happening, I hear singing
Too much brightness I can’t see
I feel…wait! Why aren’t my feet touching the ground?
Woo! Am floating, air rushing through my hair
And who is holding my hand, why does he have a scar
Why can’t I see his face…who is he
And why does he make my inside feel like…
What is this overwhelming feeling?
That feels the air around him
How can I feel his smile, why can’t I see his smile?
Who is….hush!
Then a whisper fills my ear, as a crowd begins to cheer
In a thunderous, breezy whisper he says
Hush now, good and faithful servant
You fought a good fight, you run a good race
Now receive your crown!

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Phanice Wamukota 28 August 2015

Really reaallly nice! Good job.

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Kelly Kurt 27 August 2015

The reward of running the good race. Very nice, Tracee. Thanks

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Tracee Olga

Tracee Olga

Nairobi, Kenya
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