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Through a song I got to know of a friend
Whose friendship is faithful and unconditional.
Through a song I met the greatest love of my life
Through a song I knew how much he loves me

Don't say you love me, I might believe you
Don't say you don't love me, and then my heart will be broken
Don't look at me that way, Coz I might fall for you
Don't look away, for that will crush my ego

Long enough to reach everyone; young old, rich, poor, sinners... everyone!
Strong enough to hold us all at the same time
Wide enough to accommodate us all at all times
High enough for all to see,

Am sorry that I don’t pray as I ought to
Am sorry that I doubt you sometime
Am sorry that I question you all the time
Am sorry that my prayers are all selfish

Tiny yet important
Little as you are the body of Christ you must compliment
Has to die to germinate
You are dead to sin but in Christ complete

That as I walked towards you smiling, eager to see you, in your minds you planned evil
That as you sold me as a slave, a great life awaited me
That being in prison for a crime I didn’t commit would be the best thing that ever happened to me
That a severe famine would reunite me with my family

The crowd is cheering, anticipitating, waiting
My heart, palpitating, the sun scintillating
Eyes teary hindering my vision
To many voices, too much reasoning

It’s okay if we quarrel, but have an emotionally sweet reconciliation
Problems are inevitable, but if we carry them together
Then they become bonding circumstances
Deny me every riches, all comfort, but maintain love

Someone I respect once told me
Gods timing is divine
His timing does not divide
But unites always

The first time I saw you, I saw light
The first time I looked at you, I felt bright
The first time I stared at you, it felt right
Then I studied you and I understood

If guilt had a color
It would be deep red
Red as crimson
The color of pain

Our hands clashed picking grocery
It the last on the trolley
We both smiled
Have it, no you have it,

Eyes closed fingers at work
Thin steady and a bit cold
Magical, how is it even possible
As thin as it is a melody so sweet

Appeared in body
Vindicated by the spirit
Seen by the angels
Taken up in glory

Can be compressed to a page
Even knows the sages
Has been spoken about for ages
Here we don’t care about stages


scars are a reminder of pain
scars are a recap of a sad moment
scars are evidence of suffering
scars are not beautiful to look at

Heart wanted it badly
Head refused profusely
So heart and mind fought ugly
Heart fought tenderly

A simple ‘thank you’ in a day
Who will throw that my way?
I wait day and in the night as I lay
I wait with so much anticipation but nay

The sun rises and sets
With it I rise and rest
I toil with no rest yet many upset
Hindering my ever working insight

Has it ever crossed your heart
That your words hurt
A very crucial part of my heart
The very essence part of my being

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A media practitioner specialized in television production. An alumni of Multimedia university of Kenya. Founder of the indispensables group.Blogger( Born again, creative and talented.Greatest motivators is family and zeal to bring change to her community and country Kenya.)

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A Song

Through a song I got to know of a friend
Whose friendship is faithful and unconditional.
Through a song I met the greatest love of my life
Through a song I knew how much he loves me
Through a song I understood how much he loves me
Through a song I understood how great it is to be loved by him
Through a song I created ideas
Through a song I built realities from dreams
A song encouraged me when I was discouraged,
Reminded me of a love so great a love unending

A song made me keep holding on when nothing else could help
A love song lifted me
A song reminded me I have a friend who knows my name
A song taught me that if I read and pray I would grow
The same song also taught me what I ought to read
Yet another song helped me recover when I was sick
The words rang deep in my ears and there I cultivated faith
A song introduced me to the greatest song writer of all time

The same song also told me of his son who was the wisest man ever to live
A song talked of my capabilities and how to activate it
A song explained the complexity of love
The same song also taught me who to love
A song taught me who how and when to worship
A song covers where plain words are not enough
And yet you ask why I listen to music?

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Bena Kayoro 26 May 2014

Tracee, am impressed. keep it up!

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