A Rare And Exclusive Award For Vocea Literară From World Nations Writers Union. Poem by Corina Junghiatu

A Rare And Exclusive Award For Vocea Literară From World Nations Writers Union.

Corina Junghiatu, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine "Vocea Literară", based in Bucharest - Romania wishes to express her gratitude to Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman, president of the World Nation Writer's Union Kazakhstan, affiliate of the famous Motivational Strips literary forum for this unique recognition of merits for the effort made in promoting and developing global literature. I would also like to thank to the founder of the Motivational Strips literary forum, Mr. Shiju H. Pallithazheth, for mediating this promotion. I hope that one day we can make up for this sublime gesture of friendship. The entire editorial team remains deeply indebted to you.

Best regards,
Corina Junghiatu
Editor-in-chief of "Vocea Literară".

Below is the announcement of Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman that accompanies this rare and exclusive award:

Dear Writers,
As we had announced two days back, the World Nations Writers Union intends to give a rare and exclusive award to some selfless literary institutions which has very high standards of operations and serves the world of literature selflessly. These institutions or entities has been very instrumental in guiding, coaching, inspiring and developing writers to be as best in the world. It was my decision as the founder of WNWU to identify such institutions or platforms which supports and provided all facilities to empower world writers. These platforms or institutions work selflessly keeping general interest of writers from around the world. Thus in honor of the 1150th anniversary of the outstanding thinker, philosopher, mathematician, music theorist, scholar of the East, Abu Nasr Ibn Muhammad al-Farabi the World Nations Writers' Union, Kazakhstan in general, and myself being it's founder and president, take happiness in awarding a world rare and precious prize 'FOR MERITS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF WORLD LITERATURE' to the below mentioned world popular and very active web magazine based in Romania.

VOCEA LITERARA (Chief Editor - Corina Junghiatu)

This is for the above mentioned web portal high merit contribution to the development of contemporary world literature, and its efforts to promote friendship and fraternity among peoples of the world. This high valued certificate as below attached, is given away in consideration of this platform's achievements in terms of planning, quality, operational methodology, mentorship and accurate policies to give greater exposure to world writers. Our respect and regards also goes to its super charged chief editor Corina Junghiatu who has high level connections to varied global media platforms apart from the mentioned platform.
Kairat Duissenov Parman
Founder & President
World Nations Writers Union

A Rare And Exclusive Award For Vocea Literară From World Nations Writers Union.
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