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A Reality - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

If today in your feeling tone I am Saint
then tomorrow if your feelings change
I can then be transformed into Satan.

If I am steady most and not either
then clearly then Reality for me is the same
and your feelings about me must be in disconnect
and not rooted in who I really am.

If Mind changes its stripes
and truth today can become tomorrow false
how then is Mind rooted in Reality, which we agree
undergoes no change.

If spirit too can vacillate from exaltation to low depression
what is then steady most in our universe?

If all of the elements in our periodic table are in constant flux
losing and gaining electrons
and existing one minute but not the next
what then is the nature of any Unchanging Reality?

Clearly then all is in flux and who I am today may not be
who I will be tomorrow.
Good news this and bad news too, because how can I predict
the who I will be and if I will like Who Now better than Who Tomorrow?

Some question then if all things change, then what then is doing the changing; they point to Consciousness. If things change who is tracking steady-state all that changes and recording it? The self? Is Self and Consciousness that steady state beneath all things changing? Or do they too change from time to time?

Puzzling this.

So when one is told 'Get in touch with Reality' what the hell could that possibly mean-yours, mine today, mine tomorrow, yours now, or yours which will will surely change tomorrow too?

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 3, 2010

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