The Dreamer's Poet Poem by Lonnie Hicks

The Dreamer's Poet

Rating: 2.9

Dreamers dream
dreaming that
all their dreams are dreams;
and is reality then multiple-shaped
or itself a dream?

If dreams are things not real or true
or don't yet exist
then what does it mean for dreamer to
act upon the dream and bring it forth
into reality?

Was the dream just reality
not yet existent;
in waiting so to speak?

Or was it live
always there
waiting to be discovered?

Seems to me
this is much like a poem;
how the poem comes to be-

unless, of course,
the poet
is a dream too,
outside reality
paradoxical conundrum
don't you see?

And more:
could it be the Dreamer's Poet
in dreaming thus
creates the Poet
and the Poetry
both of which
become Reality

shygirl 93 13 November 2008

i like it alot well done lonnie

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Kesav Easwaran 14 November 2008

you are right, Lonnie...yes...we write our dreams...but you know, dreams are the reflections of our thoughts that lie hidden in our subconscious mind and in a way represent our desires and apprehensions...good for thought 10

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Tess Bybee 02 January 2009

This poem blew me away. It's really quite amazing, and it made me think.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 March 2009

May be we are part of a larger dream and someone else is dreaming us.

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Bree Z Love 26 November 2017

I love it. Your style is so similar to mine. Makes you reflect and think!

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Roseann Shawiak 04 February 2016

Extremely interesting concepts, the reality of our dreams being manufactured by a dream of a poet dreaming. Profound and deep. Made me think quite a lot. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 20 August 2015

Truly, for a poet a dream is a reality as a poet dreams a reality into the best reality

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David Sabo 31 December 2009

thats deep, im confused good though

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i really liked this poem... it is great!

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