Ashif Shereef

Rookie (21 st march 1991 / Cochin)

A Reckoning-Ii - Poem by Ashif Shereef

Out there in the sunshine, in the grassy plains
I once used to share my souls laughter with my friends
And in the corridors of the dusty bookstore, I used to hunt;
Hunt for the fantasy I once believed in, but not anymore;
A fantasy they called love, out there;
Echoes are rustling with the wind, hurting me,
With mere memories, not so kind,
Echoes from a life past beyond, which I cant leave behind;
I heard a faded chanting from the lips trembling in the cold of isolation;
And there were other voices too, which I was rejoiced to ignore;
Voices I laughed at once, voices of my friends, coming for my redemption;
But all I cared was the velvet sweet voice,
Always finding way to me, on the other side of the phone

Even if I was on a lonely shore, I had peace;
And I had my ocean of worries before me; but I was content;
My mind was a private beach as I can remember;
I hadn’t let anyone past the fence; until now

I know things can't stay intact forever; cosmic law,
Somehow, at an hour unknown my lonliness had became a history;
I had a friend whom I liked the most of all,
A friend who shared my beach for a little while,
A friend for whom I neglected all the ones outside my fence;
But now I know, I was deadly wrong.

Things were like, if I was a tree,
My flowers wouldn’t have uncurled into new life:
For my branch with the greatest buds have fallen for you;
My horizons have become dark with black clouds;
And no rift through which the sun can ever shine;
You are the shore I always swam for, and here, though wavering in the oceans deeps,
I was always tied fresh to your shore,
I have deep roots here, fresh and green than in any life;

Nevertheless, at the least I expected;
A wave of goodbye when you left my land,
Without even the decency of a parting smile, you broke my mind;
Leaving my shore with all your deep complixities;
And now I look, past the fence, through the dark, and I see;
Faces laughing at me; faces I once ignored for you;
How could you have ever done a thing like this to me?
Who stood as an umbrella, when your rain of problems
Descended down from the grey skies;

Now I return to where it all began;
To my lonely sands, just like before;
But protruding out from the earth besides me was the truth;
A realization, you have taken my soul captive:
Who am i? with a boat and no sea to sail:
With a key that opens no lock without fail;
A prophet who lost his vision amidst a divine revelation;
A knight templar who died midway across his holy quest:
Now I lay here, waiting for a rebirth as a phoenix soring
But my ashes are being carried away by the western wind:

My legend ends here, and the book is closed;
Me, myselves has been trapped here, my values lost;
Drifting in these torturing nothingness:
And still, I think, under my starless skies;
Thinking, what could I have ever done to deserve this:

Despite all the time I spent just for you;
All I wish was a farewell, you didn’t gave me:
This was just like guiding you, becoming myselves the candle for you,
As we slithered through a corridor which was dark, and
After the long run, we finds the door, but you got along and shut the door on me;
I called aloud many times, pleading in pain, but you didn’t hear as if you were a deaf;
And now I again return back to where it all began;
What shall I call you? A stranger or a cheater, but;
With all my might I shall say it out;
If you ever get lost like this on your way, don’t hesitate;
You can come back to me; to the corridor where you have locked me;
I can again become your candle and guide you;
I never hate you, and I never ever will;
But clever; this would be my parting words to you just for your thrill.

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