A Rock Star Could Go To Heaven Over A Preacher Poem by Suzae Chevalier

A Rock Star Could Go To Heaven Over A Preacher

Did you know Rock n Roll bands sing more about
hell than our preachers and pastors of the land?
The Rock Stars not knowing hears it first hand.
Their familiar spirit is the source of course.
Now don't get fooled the Preacher is the same
he has his deceiving spirits talk to him but for
more of a gain.
But in the End the Preacher will be more tormented
in hell...and who knows...maybe the Rock Star will
see it like it is…
and realize he is listening to a fallen angel
who can become his friend…
You said,
"What, are you crazy what do you mean? "
I will answer you, the fallen angels have
Yes, they knew when Jesus walked the earth
that judgment was set
for the Bible was written in heaven
before man fell as of yet.
I will not give away highly anointed stuff
only when I am ready and the world has had enough…
Enough sugar coated preaches, pastors and the rest…
Rock Stars are honest they just don't know where
their ideas come from,
'Is it their thoughts or my familiar spirit
that knows hell the best? '

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 25,2020

Suzae Chevalier

Elizabeth New Jersey
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