Suzae Chevalier Poems

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Angels Come From Third Heaven

Angels from the 3rd heaven heaven above
they send you their dearest love.
They fight in the invisible at your side
to protect, and defeat dark forces from inside.

Angel My Niece

Baptized in church in Minneapolis,
it was a special day I would not miss.
I have a photo of you and me,
we both were smiling happily.

Alias Poem

Many selves with personalities I do have
I have different alias for you to understand.
Christina Sunrise writes about planet Earth
Suzae Chevalier writes about life since birth.

Angel Needs A Hair Cut

Angel is a white Shih Tzu with patterns of white and gold,
Angel also comes to the names of Ang, and Angie I am told.
Mrs. Gaylin is her proud owner along with her spouse,
Angel is really cute and quiet as a mouse.

Anderson's Home

Teenage runaways, problem child,
pregnant girls try to smile.
telling their story
to a counselor all the while.

Activities Day With Kim

List of activities for me and Kim to do,
We have it planned out with and sealed with glue.
I sleep at Kim's house and then we ride bikes,
riding down to McDonald's which we like,

A Tribute To Our Troops

For the brave hearts that go forward each day,

people would not be freed,

A Lesson Learned

I just have think of the happy times we had.

I should be happy that I met you, but instead deep inside I feel sad.

A Dog Named Martini

Martini the little Shih Tzu was cute as can be

Wagging his tail so carefree.

A Lady Called By Jesus

There is a Lady named Suzae

artist, entertainer, poet for Christ
She was searching for Jesus all her life.

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