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Angels from the 3rd heaven heaven above
they send you their dearest love.
They fight in the invisible at your side
to protect, and defeat dark forces from inside.

Baptized in church in Minneapolis,
it was a special day I would not miss.
I have a photo of you and me,
we both were smiling happily.

Many selves with personalities I do have
I have different alias for you to understand.
Christina Sunrise writes about planet Earth
Suzae Chevalier writes about life since birth.

Angel is a white Shih Tzu with patterns of white and gold,
Angel also comes to the names of Ang, and Angie I am told.
Mrs. Gaylin is her proud owner along with her spouse,
Angel is really cute and quiet as a mouse.

Teenage runaways, problem child,
pregnant girls try to smile.
telling their story
to a counselor all the while.

List of activities for me and Kim to do,
We have it planned out with and sealed with glue.
I sleep at Kim's house and then we ride bikes,
riding down to McDonald's which we like,

For the brave hearts that go forward each day,

people would not be freed,

I just have think of the happy times we had.

I should be happy that I met you, but instead deep inside I feel sad.

Martini the little Shih Tzu was cute as can be

Wagging his tail so carefree.

There is a Lady named Suzae

artist, entertainer, poet for Christ
She was searching for Jesus all her life.

24 Hollywood New Jersey is a home that is white,
this is the first house I lived in when I was born at night.
Just googled mapped it today,
It was interesting it was still standing o.k.

Highways and streets all light up
with lights from cars and trucks.
A car and two trucks right in a row
down the street they go.

Mariza who is sweet as can be

is expecting a baby in the spring.

When I was a teenager sister Anita was there,
she gave me support, she really cared.
I was the blacksheep that was to blame
for the family's unresolved shame.

Russian family running for their lives,
jumps over barb wire fence
in Russia, it cuts them like a knife.

God loved you since the beginning of time,

He knitted you in your mother stomach

Feel the breeze on your skin,
feel the happiness within.
Feel the sun on your back,
hear the birds go yack.

Thank the geckos for bringing smiles
thank the geckos for all the while.
All the while they are here on earth
geckos are special from their time of their birth.

You have a glowing power it shines from within,

you've had it since the day you were born,

Dolphins are loved for being gentle,

They help humans feel Very Special.

Suzae Chevalier Biography

Born on April 18,1966 in Elizabeth New Jersey. Suzae always loved to write poems as a child. Writing poetry in the dark late at night. She has another poetry alias that is more popular for it has more realistic poems about life on the planet-the alias is Christina Sunrise and visit her website and on poemhunter as well.

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Angels Come From Third Heaven

Angels from the 3rd heaven heaven above
they send you their dearest love.
They fight in the invisible at your side
to protect, and defeat dark forces from inside.
arch angel Michael was there for me
the other day
they had protected my car
when I was turning in a lane.
No dents on my car,
but the car behind me yes
I was protected by these precious angels
from getting in a car wreck.
Now angels have saved and rescued
a lot of people all the time—
they come from the third heaven
where it is divine.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 17,2012
updated December 26,2018

Suzae Chevalier Comments

Bill Cantrell 25 January 2019

I admire her poetry and especially her God fearing words that reach out to her readers, my poetic interests were started with the poetry found in Gods word, God is the only poet...we are just readers of his works, thank you fine poetess for your contribution to poetry!

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Suzae Chevalier Quotes

'Letting go of the past and forgiveness of sins, Spirit is the only way for blessings, healing comes from Holy Spirit."

'Jesus is the only way to solve all our societies' problems in regards to every issue of a fallen mankind."

'We need God in what we do to solve our problems.'

'Everything is a gift from God, because you can't take it with you into spiritual world. Only fruits of the Spirit will last for eternity.'

'We have parades for everything in society. Why don't we have a 'PARADE FOR PRAISE' for our Savior JESUS CHRIST? . This would disarm the powers of darkness in high places.'

'Most people don't take the True God of Israel seriously. Once you know the absolute Truth you will see how God is in everything watching everyone. He is the LORD of lords, KING of kings so glorify the LORD of spirits.'

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Suzae Chevalier Popularity

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