A Sane Revolution Poem by David Herbert Lawrence

A Sane Revolution

Rating: 2.7

If you make a revolution, make it for fun,
don't make it in ghastly seriousness,
don't do it in deadly earnest,
do it for fun.

Don't do it because you hate people,
do it just to spit in their eye.

Don't do it for the money,
do it and be damned to the money.

Don't do it for equality,
do it because we've got too much equality
and it would be fun to upset the apple-cart
and see which way the apples would go a-rolling.

Don't do it for the working classes.
Do it so that we can all of us be little aristocracies on our own
and kick our heels like jolly escaped asses.

Don't do it, anyhow, for international Labour.
Labour is the one thing a man has had too much of.
Let's abolish labour, let's have done with labouring!
Work can be fun, and men can enjoy it; then it's not labour.
Let's have it so! Let's make a revolution for fun!

Erin Cowart 10 August 2020

What a great poem and a sentiment that I can support 100%!

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Robert Pile 25 August 2017

This truly beautiful poem quite and delightfully incongruislly makes me feel like reaching out to the world and others

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David Herbert Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence

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