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Being a good person will take you far
Like one wheeled bicycles and dead battery cars

If you do your best things will turn out fine

I cannot fight the dead
Or those that want to die

I cannot will you to life

Just because it has always been does not mean it should always be
The institutions have failed the madmen
We must fight for our right to be free

You say you are out of order
No matter how much I put in to you
You have nothing you can give

It is night
2 am
I am driving to the store for cigarettes
A short trip

Yesterday there was an earthquake in North Carolina
Some things were knocked off the shelves
And broken

I went to visit mom today
And ask the standard fare

Are you Ok


I have painted you in the brightest yellows
Green and golden light that shines

A million prisms reflect the light of you in my life

Beyond this body
This heaviness that encloses
There I exist

There is an art to being human
And we are all horrid forgeries

Hollow, pretending at goodness

Here's to the Gods of dirt roads and country lanes
To porch lights, sun downs
And the smell of the rain

Today I am walking in the sun
The birds are singing
The heat is warming my skin

In this new world let us not talk of order
Let us talk of peace
Order is the ugly step-child of peace
Used when humanity refuses to be peaceful

There is a wind that runs through your life
It will carry you
Lift you
Cool you

Today I took off the war paint
Laid down the mask
And showed my face to the world

Words spoken in the stillness
Between dark and dawn
Are lovers' gold

If today is all there is
And all there ever will be
Let me say this
In the glorious nowness of the day

The air is heavy today
And sits on my chest
A crushing reminder of unmitigated loses

That night when you realize that your husband is afraid of you
Lying in bed and hearing his plans for your life
How you will get a job any job that makes money will do
Something respectable maybe

The last man on earth sat at his desk
In his little room

He looked at the dead cell phone

Erin Cowart Biography

Lover, poet, mother, finder of hopes, dreams and lost keys. I live in Northeast Florida with my husband, eight children and various pets. I studied legal assisting and history in college, but never felt them to be my calling as they are pretty bland. After wandering down many paths in life I have finally found my way back to poetry and look forward to sharing my gift.)

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The Lies We Tell

Being a good person will take you far
Like one wheeled bicycles and dead battery cars

If you do your best things will turn out fine
Like gas on fires and bread with no yeast

Those jeans still fit
Like my hand in yours and yoga pants on a fat girl

Falling in love is fabulous
Like smelly garbage trucks and moldy fruit

Falling out of love is easy
Like rocket science and scaling cliffs

If you love someone they will love you back
Like cats love dogs and gay men love straight women

Like you love me….

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