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Lover, poet, mother, finder of hopes, dreams and lost keys. I live in Northeast Florida with my husband, eight children and various pets.

I studied legal assisting and history in college, but never felt them to be my calling as they are pretty bland. After wandering down many paths in life I have finally found my way back to poetry and look forward to sharing my gift.

Erin Cowart Poems

The Lies We Tell

Being a good person will take you far
Like one wheeled bicycles and dead battery cars

If you do your best things will turn out fine

On My Suicidal Husband

I cannot fight the dead
Or those that want to die

I cannot will you to life

The Smolder

I have a safe life
We all want safe
Get a little job
Pay a little bill

Freedom Fight

Just because it has always been does not mean it should always be
The institutions have failed the madmen
We must fight for our right to be free

Ode To A Broken Vending Machine

You say you are out of order
No matter how much I put in to you
You have nothing you can give

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