๐ŸŒน A See's Candies Anomaly, ๐ŸŒน Poetry, ๐ŸŒน Love & Chocolate ๐ŸŒน Poem by Genice Lorraine De Fabriciano

๐ŸŒน A See's Candies Anomaly, ๐ŸŒน Poetry, ๐ŸŒน Love & Chocolate ๐ŸŒน

Hello See's Candy Executive Team!
My name is Genice Lorraine,
Hi there!
Please forward this message to:
Pat Egan, Warren Buffett, and See's Creative Team,

My Suggestions to See's Candies,
For: 2021,100th Year Anniversary
To: See's CEO, Pat Egan; Owner, Warren Buffett; and
See's Candie's Creative Design Team.
(Sent copies to myself)

Jan 21 at 4: 51 AM
Dear See's Candies,

A.) Here are my ideas and suggestions for your 100th Anniversary Celebration.

1. K'See's Candy's 100th Anniversary,12 Roses of Celebration Collection'

2. 'See's Candy's Four-Seasons, Sea-Salted Rose, Celebration Collection'

3. 'See's Candy's Limited Time, Sea-Salted Rose, Celebration Collection'

4. 'See's Candy's Sea-Salted Rose,100th Anniversary, Celebration Collection'

5. 'See's Candy's Sea-Salted Rose, Celebration Collection'

6. 'See's Sea-Salted Rose,100th Anniversary, Celebration Collection'

7. 'See's Sea-Salted Rose,100th Year Anniversary, Commemorative Celebration Collection'

8. 'See's Sea-Salted Rose, Commemorative Celebration Collection'

9. 'See's Sea-Salted Rose,12-Months of Celebration Collection'

10. 'See's Candy's Sea-Salted Rose Medley'


B.) My ideas and suggestions for my New proposed See's candy,

1. By Flavors
2. By Colors
3. By Designs

(12 specialty pieces, presented by each Month, of course)

1. January---'Sea-Salted, Pure White Rose'
(A Coconut center, with maple leaf swirls inside, scrumptiously covered in white chocolate and molded as an unbloomed bud of a delicate rose, dusted with gold sea salt.)

2. February---'Sea-Salted, Red Rubies Rose'
(A Deep Ruby Cherry in the center, with bright cherry flavored swirls inside, covered in milk chocolate and molded as a slightly blooming rose, dusted with a few grains of bright pink or ruby colored sea salt.)

3. March---'Sea-Salted, Lavender Rose'
( A Lavender creme colored and flavored center, with caramel swirls inside, covered in milk chocolate and molded as a mid blooming rose, dusted with a few lilac or lavender grains of sea salt.)

4. April---'Sea-Salted, Checkered Rose'
( A Vanilla extract creme center with extra fine, Madagascar, vanilla flecks, generously covered in vanilla white chocolate and dark chocolate checkers, molded as an, almost fully, blooming rose, dusted with 4 or 5 fine grains of vanilla bean sea salt, in bronze, copper or silver.)

5. May---'Sea-Salted, Vintage Pink Rose'
(A Rose flavored creme center embedded in vanilla swirls (possible verigated look inside) , covered in milk chocolate, Or, covered in nude pink chocolate with darker pink verigated edges, molded as a fully bloomed rose with prominent petals, dusted with 5 to 6 grains of faded vintage pink sea salt.)

6. June---'Sea-Salted, Ocean Blue Rose'
(A Blueberry creme center with vanilla bean swirls, covered in milk and dark chocolate layers, molded as a fully bloomed rose, dusted with a fine, generous sprinkling of silvery blue sea salt AND sugar.)

7. July---'Sea-Salted, Patriotic Rose'
(An Apple hand pie or blackberry hand pie flavored center with swirled reds and blues in an oozy white handpie powdered sugar frosting, covered in milk chocolate, molded as a solid, saluting, upright rose, dusted with 3 or 6 red, white and blue grains of sea salt.)

8. August---'Sea-Salted, Polkadot Rose'
(A Milk chocolate fudge center with either, tiny white chocolate chips, OR, white, tiny, round marshmallows(dots) , covered in light milk chocolate, molded as an over bloomed rose, dusted with 3 to 4 white colored sea salt dots.)

9. September---'Sea-Salted, Cool Crisp Rose'
(A Mint green colored mint flavored center with baby dark chocolate chips or chocolate rice crispies, covered in dark chocolate, molded into a flatter version of a fully bloomed rose, dusted with 2 to 3, fine, silvery mint sea salts.)

10. October---'Sea-Salted, Maple Spun Rose'
(A Maple, milk chocolate center, spun into white swirls, with brown sugar bits, covered in milk chocolate, molded into an autumn, leaf-like rose, dusted with mocha sprinkles and 3 to 5 grains of sea salt.)

11. November---'Sea-Salted, Hazelnut Coffee Rose'
(A Hazelnut, coffeemate creamer, creme center with fine flecks of espresso inside, covered in coffee flavored milk chocolate OR dark chocolate espresso, molded into a chunky, round, rose petals wreath, dusted with dark brown silvery sea salt grains and finished with a Hazelnut in the center, OR, a Peet's espresso bean, dipped in light chocolate.)

12. December---'Sea-Salted, Holiday Rose'
(A Peppermint red, candy cane flecked, vanilla bean swirls center, OR, raspberry flecked, vanilla center, covered in milk chocolate, molded into an extra large rosebud, topped with an edible red and green holly sprig, dusted with opalescent or iridescent white sea salt on top.)

Yummy! That about does it, See's Candies Creators, Candy designers, M; arketing directors, CEOs, etc
I am a loyal Lover of See's Candy, always have been, since birth, Haha!

So, Here are my ideas, in depth.
I would love All of these Rose shaped, Sea-Salted Chocolates and would Love-Love to see them created into See's Candies.
Mmm! Here, have a rose, Here's a Sea-Salted ๐ŸŒน, for you! '

Please let me know if you like any of my ideas for your Anniversary Celebration. Let me know, also, how I may help you in the future.
Truly love my 'Sea-Salted Roses',

ยฉ Genice Lorraine's See's Sea-Salted Roses ยฉ

๐ŸŒน A See's Candies Anomaly, ๐ŸŒน Poetry, 
๐ŸŒน Love & Chocolate ๐ŸŒน
Written especially for See's Candies,100th Year, Anniversary Tribute 1921-2021, Cheers! Genice Lorraine
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