A Sign From Heaven Poem by Julie Anjani

A Sign From Heaven

I was thinking about my beloved in the evening,
Looking up into the sky at the astral promenade.
Suddenly a star fell from a height plainly twinkling
As symbol of the era of New Beginning,
So that a hope wouldn't leave but strengthen the feeling, -
As if thus sending me a fateful divine sign to aid:

That everything will come true what about I'm dreaming,
That a happiness and my own hearth are waiting ahead,
As well as someone who I missed long time... Believing
That my dreams at night were honored with sky reading,
For a restless heart it became a sure healing
From doubts which sometimes are our unreliable friend.

I was expecting some kind of sign from the welkin,
Wished in thoughts that a good magician would be sent by fate.
The twinkling of star in the fall had special meaning -
It seems that it attracted my gaze with that blinking
And wanted to say to the trembling two hearts, leaving:
'The right time has come to take a step towards your soulmate.'

We should not expect when a new signal will be given,
So that in anger loneliness would not be sent by heaven...

A Sign From Heaven
Sunday, October 9, 2022
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