Julie Anjani Poems

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Heart of happiness so passionately dreams
Where is the long-awaited my only
Where and in what regions he lives
I should live alone how longly?

Do Not Judge Biased And Strictly...

I am nor poet nor a pedagogue.
So, please, do not judge biased and strictly
A dilettante's naive monologue, -
Persons who create poems brilliantly.

Earthly Dreams

The heart needs neither the fantastic palace,
Nor the golden cage's an exquisite gleam,
But chest that's full of virtues, that's along with
Soul mate, who is similar to warming sunbeam.

Through The Icy Tracery...

Through the icy tracery that decorated window,
Heavenly light penetrated into my apartment's hall:
Glancing at the snow-white canvas with a sketch of rainbow,
I saw greetings from a little angel in a frosty curl.


In the elegant cups painted in a style of 'gold',
Amber tea pours, giving us a pleasant warming.
But its tonic taste is spoiled by the sadness' salt,
And my drink gets more bitter with the next dawning.

Fluffy Light Snowflakes Whirl In The Air...

Fluffy light snowflakes whirl in the air and quiver,
Descend to my feet in a white cloud, cover the Earth.
On the eyelashes they brightly shine with frosty silver,
On the lips are in a hurry to melt from the warm breath.


On clear moonlit nights repeatedly in the old days,
I had the same bright dream in hours that precede sunrise:
A handsome knight strode through desert in sultry haze, -
True hero of children's books, as I could to surmise.

Through The Looking Glass

Reality is ghostly in kingdom of the looking glass.
There is a danger for me: to face with a cold reflection,
Burn my heart with icy breath of the unknown, trying to pass,
To let distorting mirrors joke with my imagination.

Who Is That Romeo?

In routine everyday life, year after year flies by,
But Juliet is faithful to her dream in the days' flow:
She counts the stars in pairs in the clear night sky
And waits for Romeo with sadness at the window.

The Heart Of Ocean

Putting an overseas shell to ear, it seems that from inside
I can hear rolling and menacing the ocean's sighs,
A noise of the thundering salt waves, the foaming raging tide,
Somewhere in the distance a pelican's the shrilling cries...

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