A Silken Sentence Poem by Jamie Black

A Silken Sentence

Words are dressed in priceless silk
that glides into the ears,
and caresses the brain
with its curious touch;
stimulates the senses
and sets off the engine of expression
to power a downbeat soul
toward cognitive, poetic abandon
with dertermined steps, closer, closer...
These words, shimmering in the light
of emotional grace
that form points forged
in sharp rays
of sunlight
and poke with the needle of light
the innocent child
and rouses him out of a harmless daydream
and plummets him into a reckless night
They twist their way into every idea
every thought or dream,
forever needing to be heard.
They hold Van Gogh's mirror
up to the world
and romanticize every nook and cranny
adding false colours and forms
to a village market
or an office desk
as a form of escapism
from a monotonous journey
that threatens to devour us
in a grey tide of boredom.
Words are disguised in silk
because we do not want to acknowledge
them when undressed
stripped of all jewels,
fabrics and ornaments
and left stark naked on the streets
in skeletal horror
as they crouch under the burning sun
and in the dusty walls
inscribe the shameful
bony, bare truths
that no one wishes to see.

Monday, May 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: clothes,expression,poetry,truth,words
Crowning The Crows 02 May 2016

What a gorgeous piece! to power a downbeat soul toward cognitive, poetic abandon incredible

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