A Simple Wish Poem by Nassy Fesharaki

A Simple Wish

A simple wish

For ages, uncounted
-Iran and India, First Nations
-narrated greatly with fables
-animals were heroes and devils.

Same it was in Greece and many
-old nations; those aging…
-till came thief
-the one that is shameless
-like a whore and claimed:
- "Sunset-less-Empire! "

Whatever has been, is,
-was robbed or converted
-to look as if is theirs…

Demolished were others and erased!

They must be related to
-Tribes of the God:
- "Only we; all is ours! "

Steal; lie and blame
-everyone, and rename
- (to make it as real!)

USA, Britain follow the same claim
-as have Jews in their books:
- "We are the God's chosen! "

I have a simple wish
-if the answer is "Yes! "
-love to kill, bury God!

Feel proud to curse him
-depart and denounce him
-I do not want him now
-nor when am dead and gone.

Slaves and gun powder
-changed Vikings and Normans.

Oh, great is Bible
-joy is old testament…

It reveals the truth
-of lying to creep
-and acting brutal
-when able, in power
-by using all the tools
-even God, Yehowa

They shout as injured lamb;
- "Big, bad wolf" are in fact.

Among tools are tricks
-and selling to Pahroah
-Abraham's wife-sister,
-for lust and pleasure…

I have a simple wish
-take me out and burn me
-scrub, rub and rub
-till get to the core where
-I have no religion
-with God and Abraham!

Feel ashamed if idle
-when reading, learn, hear
-or speak and observe
-the killings take place
-around world and on Earth
-using names of the faiths
-in many branches
-of the Jews, Christians
-or Sunnis and Shiites!

My wish is too simple
-scrub me of faith, scrap then after!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: solitude
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