Stevens Cadet
Long Island, New York
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A Soldier's Story

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A soldier walking down the terrain, enemies approaching.

Quenching the white flag, bullet wounds has him feeling his life span is now closing.

Scars on his face of the last battle he won, his platoon is all dead and he remains the only one.

Has a air strike but doesn't know if he should use it, called it once & suddenly feeling he will abuse it.

Plus along the way, enemy forces are prepared to shoot it down. Moments getting close, reflexes causes him to remain prone to the ground.

One wave left, full clip, he could take it. But the bullets ricocheted, damaged his fatigue & he is in open field, camo naked.

Ammo not an issue, his point man had him save it. Rain begins to fall, thunder perceives the whole sky is shaking.

Dog tags in his hand from his men who haven't made it, bullets gazing, a sign of hope he is now waiting.

Been thru this road, but it's the cause he's debating, wishing this last war would resign his participation.

Third time in, feeling like his struggle causes the remaking.

Sparks flies, clips changing, his heart is now racing, only ones alive to relate to his empathy is the men he's facing.

Pacing, to fight the temptation that trying to stay alive could return him to this placing.

Fingertips bracing.... the flag in his hands.

He just wishes his actions could accommodate his plan.... for this battling to end.The cycle causes him...

to feel he shall never really know.

He checks the clip, waves the flag, raises his gun, empty! And the enemy, flatlines his last sentence that he..... willingly wrote!

'We fight. Though we dream of a day where our battles would account for everlasting peace, we fight. For that last soldier who had the option to quit but kept fighting, we fight. Because if not........ Who will defend us? '

All men accounted, until the realization that one is missing.

The Soldier who fought, last of his division.

General asks for volunteers but it's a suicide mission...

Youngest Cadet in the camp never second guesses his decision.

Saving lives is his addiction, his only reason for battle.

General states 'we don't know if he made it'

He quietly prepares his ammo.

General say's 'his platoon is all dead'

He packs the satchel

No other man stands forward

For fear they camo.

Airborne, he must jump and dive straight in

To the enemy awaiting, expecting him

Prepared and ready, the order awaits

He gets the go with the last quote 'Your chances are none to slim'

He grabs his gear & salutes with a grin

'I'll see you later'

Now in the red zone, all alone, a land full of strangers.

Nobody knows why'd he go, youngest soldier on paper.

But he remembered that soldier who continued to fight, years later.

And he thought it would be an honor to finally stop um

Past problems of credibility but death isn't an option.

Bullets blasting, as they scream 'the enemies here'

Clip after clip, one by one they disappear.

No fear!

See's the guards, thinking that there's something here

Reloads the clip, shoots in the air so they now he's here

Bullets ripping through the atmosphere

Enemies losing ground, they think the army here

But it's just a soldier, attempting to do what all others feared

Sensing that his soldier's near.....

Finds um and say's 'no longer are you a loner'

The veteran say's 'they left me for dead after my clips got lower'

Then the veteran suddenly looked closer & said....

'your the point man who made me save it, and was the reason i was able to make a stand in open field, camo naked'

'How did you even make it? ' The Cadet replied 'by you'

'I was also left for dead, but all the enemies were headed towards you'

'And you made a sacrifice... to keep on fighting'

'So i made my own decision to keep on surviving'

'Then allies came fighting but you were gone.'

'I made it out alive but we thought you died strong'

Enemies came by the storm the soldier said the story shall wait

They reloaded with a passion to keep going.....

Two soldiers

No longer quenching the white flag, the veteran chucked it away....
Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: soldier,soldiers,war,war and peace,depression,growth,battle,poem
Wrote this poem in 2011 and got ranked on for it. Took it down in anticipation of publishing it in my Poetry Book but did not want anyone else to take the digital credit for it so I am reuploading it
A wonderful and vivid depiction of life of a soldier in a battle. Poignant yet uplifting. Beautifully conveyed.
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