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Last night I saw you
On the waterfront
You glanced at me
And I looked your way!

Poetry is a solitary art
But beautiful words come alive
While we write.

Poems without readers
Are like lonely wallflowers
On the wide dance floor.

Sky watching
On top of a mass of green and brown
Sitting knee to knee
Forehead to forehead

How I wish I could move you
On the floor of my mouth
To articulate the thoughts
That arise in me.

He was selected
From among the finest
Of all men
To carry the loads

Experts advised her
To expel you
And never
She will see

Gold and silver may perish
With the forces of nature
But a good poem will stay
It can withstand

You have a razor-sharp mind
And a barb wit
You speak eloquently
It matches

A house near the hill
Lit up when a sunbeam broke
Through the alto clouds.

Poetry never abandons me.
It follows me wherever I go.
It is the wreath that will be
Laid across my coffin and

We were in a gargantuan cathedral
When it was time
To say Christ's Peace
You took my hand in yours

We plunged into another world
Only armed with hope
To make it through
We selflessly meshed

A beautiful heart can always
See the wonders
In a wrinkled leaf
And dried grass.

They carpet the hills
Line the long winding roadways
Rainbows on the ground.

The dew of the dawn,
Touches my cheek and
Slides to my lips.
Oh how cold, how cold!


I have a small kite
Made of Japanese paper
Craft sticks and long string
I let it fly in the sky

Like a soft shell
Afraid that she might be squashed
When I hold her tight
It makes me feel

The gentle wind blows to the North,
against the knotted rope like
Cordillera Mountain Ranges.
It whispers and kisses

She is lying hidden
Inside a pear-shaped shell
A rough, rock-hard outside
So porcelain white inside

Rose Marie Juan-austin Biography

Biography: Rose Marie Juan-Austin was born and bred in the northernmost part of the Philippines, a rural community, which stretches along the South China Sea. Navotas, Laoag City is a medium sized community where everybody knows everybody. Her early years were exposed to the beauty of nature, simple and slow-paced life. Her poems entitled: God's Orchestra and the Tall Trees In Our Backyard depict her profound love for the natural world. She has earned her degrees in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of the East, Manila, once labeled as the largest university in Asia. She performed legal and legislative works on the Committee on Civil Service, Appointments and Reorganization, City Council, Manila and served as Chief of Staff of a young local politician in the City of Manila. While working, she has taken masteral units in Public Administration. She has also worked at the Legal Department of Burger Machine Holdings Corporation, one of the notable fast food companies in the Philippines. She gained interests in writing during her senior year in high school, when she was chosen as the editor of The Weaver, the official publication of the student body of Ilocos Norte National High School. In college, for a brief period of time, she tried news reporting at the Dawn, the official student publication of the University of the East. She has also served as the news editor of the Sulyap, the official newsletter of the UE Political Science Society. She once hated poems because of their intricacies and ambiguities.But she found solace when she tried writing free verse poems as a tribute to her father when he died in 2016. Her poems often deal with social problems that beset mankind: War Is A Vicious Cycle, Rebellion Is A Descendant Of Harsh Hands and Pain Of Lies to name a few. She was born to parents Florante Dacuag Juan, Sr.(deceased) and Trifona Mangapit Recido Juan. She has only one sibling, Florante Juan, Jr.. She is currently residing with her husband in Missouri, U.S.A..)

The Best Poem Of Rose Marie Juan-austin

Just A Wink Of An Eye

Last night I saw you
On the waterfront
You glanced at me
And I looked your way!

Our eyes locked together
And your eyes shifted colors
As they caught the light
Installed at the waterfront!

Though your alluring lips
Were sealed
Yet those lovely eyes spoke
A thousand words...!

The night was perfect
With star studded sky
You winked at me
And snatched my heart right away!

It was a wonderful moment
Our hearts craved for a kiss
With the bliss
Everything happened
In just a wink of an eye!

You were utterly crazy
Your glance made me crazy
We were both swept away
By this undefined ecstasy
In just a wink of an eye!

We soared the inevitable
We could not resist
The high tides of emotion
It knocked us down
To the very end!

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Rose Marie Juan-austin Comments

Dr Dillip K Swain 16 October 2018

She is a lovable personality and reads poems of her fellow poets with interest! Her beautiful comments are utterly fabulous that provide great delight to poets! She is an asset to Poem Hunter. I see a great literary future in her! Wish her good luck!

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Bryan Smoot 02 November 2018

I find your poems a joy to read...Keep up the good work Rose...

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 September 2018

Rose Marie Juan Austin - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul Rarest of rares poetess she is Rose, Observing nature and life she writes, Season of spring she brings in poems, Efficient poetess has effort and skill. (part-1)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 16 October 2018

Rose Marie Juan Austin is a wonderful poetess! She writes sweet poems that carry huge impact and influence. ‘Just A Wink Of An Eye’, ‘Poetry Is A Solitary Art’. ‘Under The Blue Star’, ‘Silence’, ‘Poems Without Readers’, ‘From Womb To Tomb’, ‘A Good Poem’ are some of her outstanding creations. As a great fan of her poetry I profusely admire her style of penning! ‘Just A Wink Of An Eye’ is the poem that I cherish much!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 September 2018

NOTE: Along with this following acrostic poem on behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin as, Rare Jewel. From today on-wards she will be known as Rare Jewel Rose Marie Juan Austin. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 January 2024

This TODAY's Quote is a precious One to read, most deserving as The QUOTE Of The DAY!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 January 2024

Most deserving as The QUOTE Of The Day TODAY, again chosen is the great Poetess, my dear friend Rose Marie

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 January 2024

I cite your Quote Of The Day TODAY: riting is a daunting and solitary endeavor. Yet, words come alive, they sing and dance right before your very eye

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 January 2024

Your Brilliant Quote Of The Day: I hate to be in the middle. People from the right and left wings will be hitting me. Absolute great Quote, I do not know where I must give comment on this Quote Of The Day. Congratulations for these wise words. TFS

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Rose Marie is one of the most lovable poets on PoemHunter. Her poems exude great with and wisdom. Her penchant for the using the right words at the right place and find metaphors and imagery most suited to theme make her poems exquisite.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin Quotes

Writing is a daunting and solitary endeavor. Yet, words come alive, they sing and dance right before your very eyes.

Rebellion is a descendant of harsh hands.

I hate to be in the middle. People from the right and left wings will be hitting me.

Kindness does not boast. It will defeat its noble purpose.

A person without a family is like solving a puzzle to eternity.

A poet may not attain richness on earth. Yet, a good piece of poetry could enrich the minds of many.

The more I read, the more I understand how little I know.

Sharp words cut the very core of me.

Indifference is one of the situations I dislike the most.

Bullies could never stir my calm waters. I face them head on.

Gold and silver may perish with the forces of nature. But a good piece of literature could pass along to the next generations, ushering mankind to a better world.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin Popularity

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