A Song For Michaela Poem by Bryan Sefton

A Song For Michaela

Michaela wears her Mother's shoes
Comes to tell us both the news
She just kissed the boy next door
Not to worry, she's only four today
When I asked her what did the little boy say
She said he turned his face away
Said he doesnt play with girls
And could she have a coconut whirl, she may

But Michaela, you'll be a woman someday
I wish you all the best to come your way
I hope you never wear a troubled brow
And I hope that you will stay, forever and a day
Just the way that you are now

Michaela comes in crying there
Says the boy has pulled her hair
The boy says she was shoving him
Michaela says she was loving him, that's all
Michaela says he won't play father
He says that he thinks he'd rather
Go out and play other boys
Girls they play with silly toys, like dolls

For Michaela your a baby and you don't know
What it's like to have to fight in a hard cruel world
Take your time, don't you hurry, take it nice and slow
Michaela my own little girl

Michaela comes and asks her Mum
Where do babies all come from?
Her Mother looks at Dad and smiles
There you are, she's your child, she said
Then she laughs and pats her shoulder
Tells her, Abbie when you get older
I'll tell you all you need to know
It's late my girl, time to go to bed

Michaela you'll be a woman some day
I wish you all the best to come your way
I hope you never wear a troubled brow
God grant that you will stay
Forever and a day, just the way that you are now

Sunday, September 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: affection,childhood

Bryan Sefton

Farnsworth near Bolton, England, UK
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