A Soul Is Forever Poem by Suzae Chevalier

A Soul Is Forever

Did you know your soul is forever
and not just for this time?
It is made out of fire
and can have eternal life.
Yes, you are made to see the face of the Most High--
God the creator of all the earth, heavens which is
also our sky.
He made you to be the apple of His eye.
Now you may ask
'How do I become the apple of His eye? '
I will tell you the beginning of it all
before Adam was on earth and he did fall.
See your soul was made in heaven with all
the holy angels looking on.
We were made in 'their image'
that means the Most High God and them.
See God died in the spirit realm first
He had to our He couldn't give birth to the earth.
For He knew we would all fall because of sin--
He knows everything from beginning to the End.
He knows our souls and is powerful with Might-
He is the great I AM and is a God of war and He does fight
He has His holy angels who are right by His side
for us, even the ones that are not saved
all the time.
You may ask,
'What are the fighting for? '
I will answer you,
'They are fighting for your soul.'
See remember the holy angels were there when it all began
they were there singing with the great I AM.
Some of these holy angels did fall you know
but they know all of our DNA code.
So don't think for a minute you can take the world by storm
you are fortunate you are a human and not a worm.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 26,2020

Suzae Chevalier

Suzae Chevalier

Elizabeth New Jersey
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