A Stone In The Forest Poem by Brian Merski

A Stone In The Forest

Pale gray against the forest floor-
A sight I had not seen before
Beneath the trees rose from the ground
A humble yet defining mound

The faded stone was resting there
With rounded corners one time square
The left side sunk a little low
The right a place for moss to grow

A curious glance revealed no name
Although to touch faint letters came
But all the rain and grime ensured
That few were left to spell a word

Time stole the story written here
Then scattered it among the years
And leaving just the stone behind
For travelers like me to find
If not to read, then to remind.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: forest,mortality,time
Dimitrios Galanis 06 February 2016

By this only one you get the ticket to the world of poesy.It is so beautiful you present every poem with a story having a start a middle station and an end.Every poem seems to get that way a personality to remember not to be forget.On this path you will never loose your way out of the poetry's prairies.

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Brian Merski 06 February 2016

Thank you for making my day.

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