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Studies: classical literature[homeric, ancient greek, latin], ancient history, classical archaeology.
Languages: [homeric dialect, ancient greek, latin]greek, english, deutch, français, portugues[brasileiro].

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Your Smile

Trust your smile.
It can be strong
as a thunderbolt
and even more:


Stride across the desert of your hesitant dreams.
Be not afraid of submerging in its dunes,
if you want to arrive to the green oasis
where fresh runs the giving sourse life.

Dolphins' Splurge

Tearing their way towards the boat,
surfacing in parallel,
plunging as in invisible harness,
alongside, round, under the bowsprit,

The Poem

On the anvil of wording you forge the poem.
And as the smith delivers the pickax
only deftly wrought to dig the soil
you don't cease chiseling it



Do not trust morning's shadows.
In midday they lose their echos,

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27 December 2015

Happiness true is the aroma of the sweat you shed helping sufferers surpass their woes.

10 January 2016

An insolent tongue will face a time harsh in any harvest to come as tears can not be easily picked up.

10 March 2017

Dogs never bite the hand that offered a piece of bread.

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Gratitude 03 June 2020

I address my warmest gratitude and appreciation towards esteemed Mr Dimitrios K. Galanis, who has made me the honour to translate forty of my English poems into his native Greek language.

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Mihaela Pirjol 03 June 2020

It is a profound joy to see my poems taking shape, nuances, meaning, and expression through the beauty of Europe’s ancient language: the language of Homer and Sappho; the language of myth and philosophy; of democracy and science. Mr Galanis has also translated the renowned poems of Pablo Neruda, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, and many others. My poems being translated through his poetical prism, I believe they capture and convey the universe of my poetry.

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Annette Aitken 12 July 2016

What a beautiful poem, and always when you smile at someone they nearly always smile back. nicely penned Annette.

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Mihaela Pirjol 08 December 2015

Sas haireto kirie Galanis. Apo tin proti imera pou valate ta poiimata sas sto Poem Hunter, tha iha diavasei ola; kai ekina pou ine gramena sta Ellinika kai sta Anglika. Sas kalosorizo sto Poem Hunter, kai heroumai poli ghia tin gnorimia sas. Greetings from Cyprus.

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