Adriana Ozimek

A Story To A Willow Tree - Poem by Adriana Ozimek

I told my story to a willow tree. Because no one listened to what I had to say, and they say a willow tree can weep a pain away.I climbed up the tree watching the water beneath me as the sun is about to set. I was telling the tree the story of the day when me and you had first met. It's a day that I will always remember, it was late December. I never understood when people say "And when our eyes met "It use to make me laugh until it happened to me. And now I understand, and I see. I instantly knew at that time, I knew you were going to be mine. I had so many butterflies flying around in my tummy, a smile across my face; I even found it a little bit funny. Because as a child I thought love was just grouse but I suppose it was a child thing. But I grew and I found you, and I loved you, With all of my heart There were so many times you took my breath away and I couldn't talk, I just smiled and held your hand as we walked. I never loved someone so much in my life and no one took that away from me, I was happy. So I'm telling my story to the willow tree of how I felt, the moon had rise the sun had set and the stars were shining so bright and the only light I saw was the moon reflecting off the water. But I chose to stay up the willow tree to finish my story. So time had went and so many memories I had spent, spending it with you, I built everything I had around you. We were up to a year of being together and my love for you hadn't changed. But I had noticed you were slightly distancing yourself away from me. I didn't think much of it I just thought you just wanted alone time and that was fine. We still did things together, you were my forever and always remember I took you camping to the beach we had so much fun. Remember the thunder and lightning in the distance out in the sea? You got scared, but I was prepared, I scored cuddles. The tree was listening to my story as I started to tear up. You remember part of my story when I said she started to become more distant and I didn't take notice? Well I should of. Things started to get bad she started to even look sad, she started to talk less; she said things were just a mess. I asked her if she still loved me. She said yes she said I don't think of you any less, I told her o.k. started to get confused because she stopped seeing me and telling me she is going to Geelong but she didn't tell me for how long. Weeks had past she finally came down to see me I felt happy again but the confusion still remained so I did my best to remain sane. She told me the things she did. Things didn't add up she kept contradicting herself and so many lies I just sat there as my hands were tied. My brain knew what was happening but I wish someone could explain it to my heart. No words could, everyone was telling me to leave her but I didn't want to, I loved her. I laid there next to her I couldn't see much but I felt her touch and at these times there worth so much. My tears were falling on her face as my heart had felt like it had been beaten up by a mace I couldn't hang on to her any longer as much as I tried, my hands were tied. We had our last kiss I watched her walk out the door, I just fell to the floor...As I'm in the tree telling this story tears were falling on the leafs I'm trying to get this story out and free not trapped so deep inside me. My heart is as deep as the ocean filled with secrets and memories...I never saw her again it's nearly been two years, and there's not a day that has gone by that I don't think of her, because I had ounce loved her. Some stories are good to tell to a willow tree because they listen to what you have to say not some human that will commonly say you will be ok.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 19, 2013

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