A Streak Of Light Poem by Obed Akuma

A Streak Of Light

Rating: 3.8

Close to the east window in the blanket of darkness I sit
My heart throbbing with expectancy: when can I see it?
A glance into the darkness I throw
But darkness all around I see
Heavily hanging on my shoulders
But my heart throbs: when can I see it?

Again a glance I throw
Into the long dark night
A star seems I to beckon
But soon it is swallowed up by heavy darkness
Another star appears then disappears
On and on moments go by
A song rings in my heart
“Sweet by and by”
Eternity seems to go by

A throb propels another glance
I humbly obey and a glance I throw
Then my eyes become moistened
My heart gives a heavy throb
My body by an electrifying joy is gripped
At last I have seen it!
It is there like reality itself!

And glad my heart became
For seeing that streak of light
That red-orange ray that from the east-horizon shot
Brightening the whole dark night
Of my soul and heart
A new dawn signaling the break of a new day
A day to spend with the owner of that streak of light
A joyous day full of vitality
That everlasting day
A glorious moment of eternity
With blissful company of the Almighty

~ Jon London ~ 11 March 2009

A few mistakes, but other than that, a great visual write, well done 8

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Gordon Wilkinson 11 March 2009

It sort of jumps a bit and one or two words dont quite fit - 7

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Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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