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A woman is a strange and fanciful creature
One at times is too much, and two impossible
They flit from subject to subject without a breath
Expect you to hear every instruction not knowing your deaf

As we crawl into bed after such a long day
Clasping my hands around your waist, kiss you and say
Honey I missed your voice and smile
Can we just lay here and talk awhile

Laying here in the bath just soaking
I saw that gleam in your eyes, they were smoking
Passion oozing from every pore
Slipping in with me once more

When we kiss, I will tell you this
My heart fills up with pure bliss
Loving you the way I do
You can be sure it is so true

I can see but am not there
Here so close to the suns glare
Deep in the mists of the galaxy
Weightless to infinity


Curled the serpent of the stomachs pit
Ferocious evil bile does spit
Exposed envious green
Hates vicious angry spleen

Smelling antiseptic fumes
Fear rising fast
Imagining bloody gushing spumes
How long will this treatment last?

Fantasy gallops from deep inside
Taking readers imaginations for a ride
Twisting and turning through obscure plots
About soldiers, sailors and even harlots

Uncontrollable anger twisted up inside
Looking for some outer relief
Boiling over without apparent reason
Stoked by stupid half suggestions

Bright yellow dandelion heads stand
On most gardens in the land
Stealthily maturing
Against weed killers enduring

I made a wish and here you are
Now that we have met, you come far
You arrived in my life in a cacophony of sound
As your car hit mine and turned me round

When tears roll across your cheeks
This heart bleeds a little
As your eyes close in pain
It dies a little


What is age?
I am trying to work it out
Too old to be young
Where do I try to fit?

Beauty, real beauty is beneath the skin
With the love that is shown and freely given
Given to a lover, also humanity
A heart offered without any charge

Love is like the blossom
Bursting into full bloom
Staying pure and perfect
Then time knocks at the door

I am mistress of all the land I survey
Hunger tells me its time to hunt today
My pride needs a kill to survive
We have been waiting here for the buffalo to arrive

As daybreak dawns
Frost upon the lawns
The cold begins to bite
Waking up not a pretty sight

Wandering the Milky Way
Watching stars at play

Lights of the skies twinkling lovers

Without wings I am flying
No strings or hidden ropes for support
Maybe it is just my heart skipping a beat
Confusing my mind

Solo my only preference
My own abilities the reference
A sport to which I am so dedicated
So alone completely elated

Gordon D Wilkinson Biography

After a lifetime of travel and working around the world i finally came back to the UK to retire. I started to write in feb 08 and was bitten by the bug, now its an insatiable urge to write on my life, loves, hates and travels. At present working on the next book of prose and a DIY painters book.)

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A Woman

A woman is a strange and fanciful creature
One at times is too much, and two impossible
They flit from subject to subject without a breath
Expect you to hear every instruction not knowing your deaf
Washing and cleaning the whole day through
Just what, where, and when do they expect from you?
Taking their time
Making up their minds
Do they buy this, that, or maybe that hat
They cry for all sorts of reasons, happiness and sadness
What are we to think, they will drive us to drink
They multi task as we could not grasp
What strange creature is this?
They make us laugh
They make us cry
God only knows the reason why
He made them this way.
Sometimes, to our dismay
But I wouldn’t give up those funny females
Without them, how would this story regale?

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Maren Louise 22 May 2009

Accidental Meeting..... Wow! , it flutters, it floats, it spins, it's magic

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Dr Nihar Ranjan Ray 03 March 2009

Eyes poem i liked most. I would be happy enough if u will review my poem,

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