A Tear For The Broken Hearts Poem by Abbie Gorsuch

A Tear For The Broken Hearts

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This poem is about a boy....we dated for a long time and then we broke up, after we broke up we still talked but he was dating someone new, it hurt my feelings cause i knew that i wasnt over him....

When I look at you it almost makes me cry.
Especially when I remember how you used to say it will all be fine
I’m sorry for making you feel like you shouldn’t care
I’m sorry for all of your pain because I know it isn’t fair

I once heard that pain felt was better than nothing at all
But it’s not true; I wish you would have never let me fall
It’s not right to tell someone you love them if it’s not true
I should have told you how in love I was with you

If you have to hurt someone else to get ahead in the game
Don’t do it, what is lost will be worth more than what is gained,
in life it’s not what you have it’s what you share
It’s not how many people you meet its how many people for which you care.

So if you really do love someone let them know more often
Because they won’t hear you while lying in a coffin
Let her know how much she means and how beautiful she is.
Let her know that with anyone else love wouldn’t be like this.

And if that certain boy means so much to you
Wouldn’t you tell him I love you too especially when he Says it to you?
And just a little reminder to the girls wondering what to do,
it’s just a fight it doesn’t mean he got over you.

Love is worth more than anything money can buy
So don’t let him go just because you saw a kind of cute guy
True love wouldn’t do that…. And you know I’m right

The things I say about love and things I know are true I realized just because I shared them with you. You mean the world to me I never wanted to let you go. I still need you I just wanted to let you know.

Surya . 06 June 2009

touching and painfull.pl look inward. posted10 surya

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DELETED NOW 30 April 2009

what is lost will be worth more than what is gained, in life it’s not what you have it’s what you share. these lines are the strongest lines in ur poem or letter... it kind of sounded like a letter.

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