Abbie Gorsuch Poems

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True Love!

I saw you smile in my dream
I heard you say i love you means.....
saying sorry for your pain
and sticking close through everything

Her Warm Smile

She looks up at the stars and moon
and feels a warm smile come accross her cheeks
she had been so sad before, she was
waiting for that smile for weeks.

A Tear For The Broken Hearts

This poem is about a boy....we dated for a long time and then we broke up, after we broke up we still talked but he was dating someone new, it hurt my feelings cause i knew that i wasnt over him....

When I look at you it almost makes me cry.
Especially when I remember how you used to say it will all be fine

Thats Just The Way It Goes

I sit and think about you most every day
I wonder if I will see you and what I should say
Then one day it finally happened! I saw you
Stupid me I thought you would wait for me too

Fairytale Ending.....?

Always You.

hold my hand, give me love
tell me what your dreaming of
break my heart, don't run after me
how lame could this life be?

oesnt hHve aAnNme

alone tonight
alone in fear
alone together
alone my dear

Inside Out

People look on the outside
and see what they want to see
but by looking at just the outside
you'll never know the real me.

They Let Go

She hides her face in the pillow
She hears the rain outside the window
She wants to forget the love she gave
So on the inside her life to save.

My Best Friend Who Stole My Heart....

If i fall in love with you its not my fault...
youve taken over my mind and stolen my heart.
but its alright i dont want it back.
you can take it but please dont break it....

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